Highlights of 4D3N in Kyushu #SP

It’s been a week since I'm back from Kyushu and I'm absolutely missing everything there. Didn’t expect myself to be able to return to Japan so soon since my previous trip happened in April just earlier this year but I'm definitely not complaining. There's just so much to explore in this land of the rising sun and I aim to return every year. It's officially my favourite country to travel to :)

Kyushu is the southwestern-most of Japan’s main islands that has a mostly subtropical climate. It’s known for its active volcanoes, beaches and natural hot springs such as those at Beppu. Its city of Fukuoka is home to museums, mega-malls and Kushida-jinja, an 8th-century Shinto shrine located in Hakata-ku. Kushija-jinja is dedicated to Amaterasu and Susanoo, they are a major deity of the Shinto religion. Took an overnight flight via Singapore Airlines. The flight was about 7hrs and it was a direct flight to Fukuoka for those who asked. There is only 1 flight in and out daily so…

Allure w LOVE

So for those who have been following me on IG would know that I did a double eyelid surgery earlier last month. Ever since then I've been bombarded with similar questions so let me do a quick Q&A here :)
10 days post-surgery.  Where did you do your eyes? I did it at Allure Plastic Surgery in WismaWho's your doctor? Dr Samuel Ho, a consultant plastic surgeonDid you cut or stitch your eyelids? I did the non-incisional surgery aka stitching methodHow much does it cost? $3688Is the process painful? My tolerance for pain isnt very high but I can say the only pain I felt was the jab on my hand for light sedation and it was minorHow long did you take to recover? I went to work the next day and people around couldnt really tell but the swelling took about 1 week to subsideI thought you did eyelid surgery before? Yes I did it in Korea about 4 years back using the stitching method too but it sort of disappeared (pics below)Why did you stitch again and not cut? Initially I wanted to c…

Hadawaka Gel (SP)

If you noticed, I have always been raving about Japanese skincare products. My previous trip to Japan got me stocking up on all sorts of Japanese masks and moisturisers after seeing how good the Japanese ladies' skin is. I dont know about you, but if there is a country to pick for the most trusty skincare, I would definitely vote Japan. Think SK-II, Shiseido, Kose.

Presenting Hadawaka Gel

 So today I'm introducing this brand that originated from Japan, Hadawaka Gel. The multifunctional 'anti-aging and brightening gel cream created with an enthusiasm for protection spots and wrinkles caused by dryness. It's made in the lab, from AMPLEUR by a renowned doctor which is now sold under Cosme (a renowned cosmetics shopping site in Japan). AMPLEUR has been producing clinical-based skin-care cosmetics for 13years so it's definitely not any dodgy new product in the market!
Sad to say, fine lines are my main skin concern right now so this product review came in really timely …

The best thing that happened in 2016

Hello guys~ I promised to do up a post on how my new relationship started previously so here goes. Took me long enough to do so, but better late than never yea? It's surprising how my previous breakup was circulating around on forums, but thank you to the anonymous ladies in there who stood up for me. Much love!
Time really flew past so quickly, I still remember it was 2 Christmas back when I ruined the hotel room party for everyone. There were zero pictures taken, zero cheers etc, all because I broke down when my ex's sister gave me this consoling hug after we counted down to Xmas. Then the drama came cos at that time not all of my friends at the party knew my r/s of 9 years ended pretty nastily. One by one, they came to console me as I continued to bawl away.
Ever since after the news started to spread, I have had friends trying to match-make me with their friends/cousins/colleagues/neighbouretc lol. Among all the new friends I made during that period, I reconnected with an old…