Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Entry of 2010

Are you all ready to bid 2010 goodbye?
Well as usual I've no new year resolutions because I never seem to work towards them. So tonight we will be spending the night at WANGZ hotel. It's gonna be just a superior suite with 15 of us squeezing in it. Die. Because this was a super last minute plan and everywhere else was fully booked ):
Alright some piccas over Xmas.

Doing Xmas shopping with Sean in the upcoming manufactured piece (:
Valentine Ruche Dress in Black

Loading the carriers into the car for the mass meetup

Thankq Desiree and Charlene for being there with us (:

Lu in upcoming manufactured piece : Diane Drape Dress Navy
And on me is the navy version of the white chiffon dress I wore to Bali
Crochet details of the back, mad pretty!!

Pretty Ree also in Diane Drape Dress
Xmas gift from her :D

Valentine Ruche in pink!

With my chio mommy

On Xmas!

We love Taylor baby :D
Taylor's logcake from Ree!

And ours!

Boxing day at Overeasy with Muffin and Ree!
Awesome view of MBS. Love the ambience :)
Pleated chiffon magenta from collection 103

Alright that's all! Need to rush off to check in :D
Have a fab new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Selling SOLD

Selling Brand New Chanel CC Stud Earrings because I have 2 pairs of this.
Makes an awesome gift for the chanel lovers!

Leave a comment if interested (:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well as promised here are the photos taken at Bali 2 weeks ago. Yes this December getaway was really much needed for us, a break from everything else. Bali was great and the villa is hugeass beautiful!! But I am more thankful for the awesome company for making this overseas trip such a success and an enjoyable one. Also thank you Sean for organising, Dennis and Jr for the planning!

Photos from the website which caught our attention :D

Gathered as early as 10am for the check-in!

Everyone all ready together with the angmoh at the back hah

Yep we flew with Airasia

The statues and sculptures everywhere

Finally after 45mins from the airport we reached : Villa The Shore!!
The friendly people helping us with the bags

The 30metres long connecting pool :O

And me in the Ohvola's manufactured piece coming up in the next collection ;)

We call this the eerie corner with 2 out of the 5 bedrooms located here

The infinity pool

Sea-view from the second floor

It was already in the evening when we all got settled down so we stayed in for the first night to make full use of the facilities! The boys got their water guns ready a couple of weeks before the trips hahaha kanjiong spiders

We had seafood bbq delivery from the not-so-nearby restaurant. The food was bad but still a toast to more happy nights like that!!

Pictures from Lu's room

Morning sun

All ready for the activities planned by our drivers

Our ride for all 4 days

First up! Horse riding

We rode along the village
Along the paddy field
And along the staring cows :O

Then we travelled for an hour to the get to this famous Babi Guling restaurant (Balinese suckling pig)

And because it started pouring, we couldnt carry out the rest of the activities so we went Carrefour for grocery shopping then it was time for dinner.
My first time having dinner by the beach, how romantic!

It cost around 2.2million rupiah for dinner like that which was around $300+
For an ambience like this, it was really worth it!

Strolling along the beach after dinner.
We came across this very delicious bbq corn pushcart. Everyone misses the corn!! And so we will be stocking up tons of it for bbq at Dennis' on xmas eve yay!

Day 3 - Water activities!

Geraldine & Cheng
JayR & Brenda
Lu & Max
Sean and I

(imaginary photo)

No couple shot by the pool for Sean and I ):
Because we were the slowpokes almost every morning.

But still we love Bali!!
We went for white water rafting, or rather they..
I regretted not joining them, hate myself for being so timid sometimes ):
Yeaa the 5 scaredy cats
Byebye rafters...
Next destination, the beach!

Scaredy cats went on the very safe Sandwich
Apolo for the couple
Banana boat for the rest
Then to turtle island..
Muscle man with the heavy turtle
To snorkeling
The happy friends
Without the girl who-have-very-jialat-motion-sickness & the girl who-thinks-the-water-is-too-dirty-to-snorkel-in
Back to shore..

To A&W for dinner!!
Back at the villa and again into the pool!

Day 4 - Spa and massage, warehouse sales, home sweet home

Finally a photo with Sean
Charlene & Desiree
Dennis & Mokkie
One last group photo with the yessica our manager, the awesome drivers, the butler, villa securities

4d3n was too short! Awww I miss life at Bali already..

Omg I took 1hr30min to do up this entry. It's 4.45am now i need to hit the sack. Pardon the abrupt closure, my eyes are shutting..

Till then...