Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally took some time off to visit the salon. My second time perming my hair. Sat through 4hrs at the salon just to get rid of my straight and flat hair. Really like how it is like now except for the dry ends on the bleached highlights. Will be going back for treatment and to recolour the black roots in 2 weeks time!

My big curls :)
And Desiree's japanese loose curls
With Jackie the stylist
So hard to maintain! And shoot for Collection 99 took longer than usual because of the hair. Will probably launch the new collection at the end of this week after Lu is less busy with her projects!
Stay tuned :D

Brunch @ Halia Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks back.
A wonderful light lunch on a sunny afternoon with great company and satisfying breakfast.

The food is good but the portions may be a little too small for some. Not cheap, but a good escape (:
Sweetest couple Geraldine and Cheng (:
The lovely bunch :)

Brunch @ Prive Keppel Bay
It was a great Sunday morning with scenic view of the water and yachts.
Highlight of the day was a wave back by Mr Lky in a buggy!

The ambience is good, the view is well worth it
Thumbs up for Eggs Benedict!
It wasn't easy to get the attention of the staff but other than that the service is pretty decent too
Meet me and my new ring from Chanel heh
Desiree and her long brown hair~~
Sean and his hamburger face
Dennis & Geraldine :)

The jokers of my life
Loving Lu and Max
More happy weekends like this please! Till then..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Photos over the eventful weekend! So on Sunday, Ohvola was invited to Amara hotel for NTU's Time Walt bash as the official ladies wear sponsor for casual segment, as well as Access-ed for the guys. Felt really honored to be seated at the VIP table as their judges for the pageant. Love their emcees big time, they were so humorous the four of us couldnt stop laughing at all their jokes.

Wheee~ My Chanel Jumbo finally arrived after the 3-month wait!!
The lovely contestants
For Mr Romeo & Miss Juliet

The day we went onboard Junren's yacht for Brenda's birthday surprise!

Ultimate chio right omg
Chilling on the deck while waiting for the birthday girl to arriveSurprise!

The guys in their manufactured Access-ed blue polo, nice!

Pretty Brenda and the diy photo frames done by us!

And the friends :)

Some behind the scene photos for cover shoot c97

Desiree protecting us from the falling branches haha
Kudos to Mx for fixing the most beautiful swing
The just for laughs
The end product!