Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 days to 2012!

How time flies! We are only left with 2 days of 2011. I don't know to be happy or not because they say 2012 will be the extinction of mankind. No new year resolutions for me as usual, I never keep up with them anyway.

Oh well, we should all enjoy every moment of our lives!

Pictures from the 2 Xmas house parties last week :)
Cola & I :)
Adorable Coca & Cola
The theme was red/green so this Ingrid romper was perfect for the night!
Our inspiration! Decided to make it into a romper instead since we thought it would be more wearable in SG :)


SOD delivery as usual!

Everyone hooked to Dance Central2!
Gift exchange this year was much more interesting than before. We get to challenge anyone with smaller numbers to 'snatch' the present they chose initially. The loser would have to give up the present to the winner.
All satisfied with what they received!
Pretty agar agar eggs made by Jx!

Had a really great night @Junren's :)

To Adrian's 
I wore Pleaty Blouse in Vermilion with Smith Skorts in size S. Cutting runs slighlty bigger for this pair of Skorts :) 

Meet Moon! The star of the night, 400g Pomeranian!
Our inspiration for Pleaty Top. But our version is made of cotton & non shiny :)

Last night @ Itacho

Here's my girlfriends for you haha
Really liked the food there, thou we queued for 30mins! Must try: Stuff Crab <3
Frolick yumz
I wore Louisa Cardigan in Navy with Smith Skorts in Blue. Was having a really bad hair day hence the super high bun ;/
& the Vermilion version of it :)
Really love this cardigan with gold button, the cutting is perfect I swear! No doubt we are keeping it in all 4 colous :D

The last outfit to share is this Paulyn Polka frock inspired from Topshop :)

So Happy New Year in advance to everyone reading this!
Till then..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Picture post!

To JingXuan's birthday

Jx in Ohvola Embroidery Kaftan :)
Pretty bday cake!

To Taylor & Cola's spa

How cute!

pizza too big for 5

To Iluma for MI: Ghost Protocol

To Airport to fetch my Dajie

To Town for last min shopping

During shoot!

P/s There will not be Bo for this collection, we have increased quantity for this festive season :)
Happy shopping @ Ohvola!

Till then..