Thursday, June 30, 2011

Probably the Coolest Bank Ever

OCBC Bank Launches FRANK by OCBC

For those who have been following me on Twitter would have known that I attended the blogger engagement at NTU FRANK store together with Lu and Desiree. It was quite an eye-opening one since it was my first time to NTU and I never knew that they have such a cool bank within the campus!

A smart, revolutionary way to manage money, FRANK engages youths and youth working adults in the non-traditional ways.

So goodbye boring default cards and hola FRANK debit cards!

The store styled like funky retail shops

With pretty Sarah who invited us :)

Over 130 debit card designs to choose from :)

Lu and I out of focus haha but the main point are the cards yes?

Presenter explaining to Desiree


Lu wore Ohvola Pleated Waist Skirt dark Olive which is on Backorder :)

And Off Shoulder Drape Dress white on me :)

Totally spoilt for choice!

We finally made our pick and look what we have chose,

Powder Power for me! I dont know why but this reminds me of eye shadow from Sephora haha

Lu chose Purple Scooter

And Desiree got Candy Seduction for herself

Our cards should arrive any time soon, cant wait!
Apply yours today!

Ps: I've received alot of queries in my personal email regarding the Taipei trip, will do a proper post on it soon!

Till then..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday x2

Hellooooo finally another blog entry!

Another week of busy days has passed. It's 2 weeks to my 21st birthday but everything is still not settled, not booked. So stressed about it but whenever I have time I will tend to attend to the emails and do stuff related to Ohvola rather than anything else.

Sometimes I feel bad for being such a spoilsport for replying emails at my friends place on weekends when we hangout. What to do.. Time waits for no man. I'm very thankful for the understanding group of friends I have :)

And so If you actually realised, I only blog in the wee hours. It's 3.51am now and I'm still trying to post some pics for a couple of readers of mine who are always disappointed with the no-updates. So hi! Pictures from both Geraldine and Desiree's 21st birthday :)

Pool-side Bbq buffet @ Oasis, Hyatt
Pretty girlssss

It was around $90 per pax with free flow of margaritas, beer and wine. Rather expensive imo. The variety of food was so-so, the ambience kinda made up to it I guess.

We were the only group of asians that night hahah

Happy 21st!

And we got her... Ipad 2 thou she already has an Ipad. It was really difficult for us to get something for someone who has everything!!

The girliesss

All 4 of us geared in Ohvola Label :D
Lu in Ruched of Poise Burnt Orange
Me in Rave Ruche Dress Persian Green
Charlene in Liz Pleated Chiffon Frock Cobalt Blue
Desiree in Executive Work Dress Moss Green

Then we rushed to the airport for our flight to Taiwan. Couldnt stay in the suite Geraldine booked :(

One week after was Desiree's party at M Hotel
Princess for the day in bubble-bath!

Spizza for the guests!

Sean was abit out of his mind

This faithful scrapbook we did till 5am the night before

I love my family :)

Happy people who turned up though the invitation came 3 days before the party! Hahaha call us the last min queen!

Cranky birthday girl who got so pissed at us for making her drink

Then we got bored and Elle suggested heading to Nana

And we got more bored and left within an hour...

Till then..

Ps: Dont forget Ohvola's launch at 11am tomorrow!
Pps: Next up, bloggers event. FRANKbyOcbc
In Off-shoulder Drape Dress White.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Highlights of Taiwan '11

Some highlights of the trip to Taiwan. Thou there were some minor hiccups here and there, thou Sean wasn't there to travel with me, thou the temperature was 36degrees in the noon, everything else was good.

Last call to TPE

Transit at Hong Kong where we saw Christy Chung! She still look amazing even at 40 and with 3 kids, not so much like what The New Paper reported yesterday. Hmm..

So we landed at Taiwan!

To Hua Lien to check out the whales and dolphins

Searching high and low but to no avail, unfortunately the whales werent there that morning

But there were dolphins dancing around the ship!

Up the mountains for some fantastic scenery, those that we only see in Tv

Outside our stay in Hua Lien

Busy streets

To where the boys dislike, Sweets at Taipei

Affordable food, large serving, awesome service. Thumbs up!

My Crepe and Pleat blouse you will see in Ohvola's launch tomorrow :)

To Jacky Wu's Guess Guess Show!

Patty Hou is such a gorgeous barbie! She's prolly the prettiest girl I have met in my 21years!

The contented us!

The Waterfall blouse in Navy coming up tomorrow :)

To the Warm Springs

The famous toilet restaurant

To Jiu Fen

Pocket Casual Blouse will be available in the launch at 12pm tomorrow as well :)

And the last night was a real eye opener. Party at LAVA with Fran's Taiwanese friends!

Great time!

Will be back for more proper pics of Taiwan.
Meanwhile, do check back for Full Preview for Ohvola's launch, Summer Treat here
as well as Access-ed launch last night here

Till then..