Monday, July 25, 2011

Mx's Birthday

If you have been following my tweets, you'd have known that I got into a minor accident on Friday night. My first (and last I hope) after 2 years of driving. We were just 2 minutes away from our dinner venue, when this car in front decides to jam-brake all of a sudden. There goes my insurance premium, waiting for the letter to reach me now. *Worried*

Photos from Mx's birthday 2weeks back! 

Birthday Card Lu did for the ManU fan! 

Super cute right! Especially with Taylor as the referee! 

Dinner @ Have You Eaten 

With Charlene :)

Jiemeiz184 hah

ManU themed cupcakes!!

Happy people!


Mx's band of brothers

Semi funny faces

With us,  the kids!

So nicely done! 

Off to Futsal for part ll 


The steady girlfriends! 

Off we go! 

Our turn!

All chasing after a ball haha

Side betting while we play

Till then..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

21st ♥

Finally! Photos from my kickass 21st :D 

Have been trying to load Photobucket for the longest time. Then I realised, I can actually upload actual size photos no longer need Photobucket/Imageshack etc. Gotta love blogger for this function.

So yep my 21st party was held at Orchard Hotel, all thanks to Sean's cousin Michelle who offered to book this suite for us at staff price heh.

There are so many to thank for making this party a success! Thank you Mom, Lu and Sean for going around for viewing of hotels. Thank you Lu again for the awesome backdrop and ordering of cakes. Thank you auntie baby for the jellys and kaka for the fried rice. Thank you Desiree for collecting the bottles of wine. Thank you Francisca and Ree for going all the way to collect the Yakitori. Thank you Dennis and Sean for the yummy macarons which cost a bomb! Thank you Rainee and Ree for going around to source for my present thou I fbb hahaha. Thank you everyone for taking time off to attend the party and the many you-know-who who was on 'sick leave' just to stay over.
Lastly thank you to all for the well wishes on Fb/Twitter/Sms!
(pardon me if I left out anyone)

Picture perfect! Love the awesome Ow family :)
Lovely cupcakes! 
Just this 3D piece cost me $10!! heartpain*
Awkward moment


Xb in the house!

Teehee love my mustard dress!

Special delivery!
80 Macarons made by Dennis! 
Best Dressed Award


And my pretty Burnt Orange Frock! 
Ps: I only picked those I look better in, more on FB! 



Geraldine & Cheng

Wees & JingXuan

Effia & ShiHui

With Elle, finalist of Miss World, you go girl! 

Vincent & WanQian

Beautiful 2tiered cake!


Brenda & WanQian

They do this to us every year without fail hah
The bff/fbb
Most important people of my life
The old people!

Coolest kids!

Grey goose from Jacq and Jave! 
Lovely scrapbook and watch from Sean!

My first watch in white!

My first little blue box

Chain from Dajie!
Peak peak

My first Chanel wallet from the rest!
Bracelet from Desiree!
Games time!
Team B Whoosh!
Team C
Then it was Mok's 22nd! 
So a Banana for him!

The rest of my presents :D

And that's about it, the birthday I've been stressing about for weeks. Whee~ I'm officially 21! 
Till then...