Tuesday, July 5, 2011

台灣 ♥♥

Hi all, finally more photos of the Taiwan Trip!
For those who have been enquiring about the tour agency nope we didn't go on tour, it was 10 days free and easy :)

A big thank you to the great planners of the trip! Morgan and Francisca :D

Day 1

月光海洋 @ 花蓮市

Our stay for 2 nights.

We stayed in guest houses for the entire trip cos we reckoned it would be really costly for 9nights. Paid only $230 for all 9nights awesome right?

First 夜市 of the trip. 自強 @ 花蓮 Reminds me of the old school games and food, not so much of fashion clothes and accessories.

Day 2 - Hua Lien Port

More dolphins!

Cute x1

Then to Taroko National Park.

Super nice scenery. Reminds me of 神雕侠侣 hahaha

Then we found this really high end hotel on the top of the mountain.
I wonder who stays in such places, so inaccessible.

Stopped by for tea and cakes

Streets of Hua Lien

Day 3
Our awesome breakfast prepared by the owner of the house!

To the happening 西門町

Didnt stay for long cos the temperature was like 37degrees that afternoon. Couldnt take it man!

Guest House in 复兴南路

Really small but cozy rooms

Day 4
Sweets @ Taipei.
Never a fan of Hello Kitty but at the end of our lunch I think HK is kinda cute!

Within walking distance from where we stayed!

The Zhou sisters :D

The food was much better than we thought. Didnt expect HK restaurant to serve such delicious and affordable food!

Then to Party World! $6 for like 3hrs :)
They had a scoring system to rate our singing after every song. Pretty cool stuff.

Next was to the tv station for Guess Guess Show. What an experience!

Meet 丫頭!

All excited to see the celebrities!

3hrs of sitting on the floor is no joke.

Spot 2moro!

Jacky Wu!

SUPER Gorgeous!! Her name should be Barbie Hou instead of Patty man.

Day 5 - Shopping at 五分埔

Cute x2

Cute x3


Day 6
All day breakfast @ NY BAGELS

... speechless

To Miniature museum

From food reflexology

To nail art

Day 7 - 陽明山


情人桥 @ 淡水

If only my 情人 was there, we could have taken such nice photos too :(

Cute x4

Back to Ximen Ding for X-men first class & Modern Toilet restaurant

Day 8 - 九份

Wanted to go to the famous LUXY but it was closed for an event so we headed to LAVA instead.

Fran's Taiwanese friends joined us too!

Motherlisa had her usual, Martell on the rock hahahha

Day 9 - Home Sweet Home!

Alright that's the end of my very brief update on Taiwan. I have no idea where the other 1 day went but in between were night market visits everyday.
The must-go 夜市 :
  • 士林夜市
  • 饒河夜市
  • 師大夜市
  • 逢甲夜市

Ok back to emails!
Till then..


  1. Hi,

    Do you mind sharing your whole itinerary? i have only been to the first 2 night market you have mention. really appeciate it! tks


  2. Jolene, can I know where & from which brand did your sis Lucinda bought her white flat in the taiwan pic "Delicious Mineworker's lunch box)?

  3. Hi, can I know where did Lucinda bought her blue greenish bag from in this post? I like it so much!! THANKS :)

  4. hi! do you mind sharing the website to search for guest houses? :)

  5. Hi! Do share the itinerary with us! Do you mind to mail us please?

  6. Hello all so sorry but we dont have any itinerary!

    The site of the guest house is,

    Hua Lien - http://www.mybnb.tw/bnb.php?bsn=647

    Taipei - http://terroirhouse.mysinablog.com/?gclid=CPPHqeS686kCFU976wodsxeqZg

    Hope this helps!

  7. Lu's flats is from Pazzion!

    The bag is from Ohvola :)

  8. hi babe, u took a day tour to jiu fen? or is it by train or bus?

  9. hi jolene, how do u go for the guessx3 show huh? do they only do the guessx3 on certain days? i wish to go there on my trip in Oct... TIA. :D

  10. Hi Shydou, you can check:
    http://www.wretch.cc/blog/guess3?sess=4a6f75a336a72a4633b3c236175dc38d for guess3 show updates.

    They usually have it on alternate mondays and you can sign up for it! It is free. Don't worry.
    Send the following details to youguess3@gmail.com and they will reply you within 1 week?

    They took about 3 days to reply me excluding weekends. Urm. You might wna bookmark it and check it out when it is nearing your trip! :)

    Hope it helps the rest of Jolene's reader since she had stated that the trip was planned by Morgan and Francisca. Plus they had TW friends they so maybe they helped them with it! :)

    But still, hope it did helped! :D

  11. Hi. May I know where did Lucinda get her black watch with gold rim head?

  12. Hi Mel:

    Thanks for the info.. :D
    It helps alot.. :D


  13. your trip really looks awesome. i cant wait to go over. may I know roughly how much did you spent for the 9 days of expenses there? Thanks alot =)

  14. Hi babe,

    we catered a mini van up to Jiu Fen.

    Hi Shydou, alternatively you can simply call this number : 0227813888 to ask for tickets. Yep it's FOC and you can watch more shows other than Guessx3 too :)

    Thank you Mel btw! :)

  15. hi the watch is from CK.

    i spent around $1.3k excluding air ticket. enjoy your trip!

  16. hi, may i know what skincare products do you use? thanks. =)

  17. hi there, i use the entire range of White Lucent from Shiseido :)

  18. hi..can i know where can i get e orange dress during ur yang ming shan trip?

  19. Hi, the place you stayed in is 西門館 ? I went to the website you provided, and it states NTD$1480/night. May I know if its the correct one you booked? Why is yours cheaper? Thanks alot! (: