Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dont Be Afraid To Dream

Hello! Cant believe I've been blogging so diligently this month.
Heh before I start on my blog entry tonight, I would like to ask you readers to do my friend, Vincent, a favour! 

He is in a competition organized by UFM 1003 which will take take place at Bugis Junction this Sat. There is this Facebook voting competition going on so simply click on his picture below and ''Like'' it on Fb. That easy :) 

Oh yes, do listen to the short introduction clip of his HERE. I'm pretty sure you will like his voice. I really think he has what it takes to be a Dj/Host! So thank you in advance! :)

Ps: If I'm not wrong its ending at 3pm tomorrow so chop chop guys!

Was invited to Holiday Inn Atrium for NTU HALL10 DnD last Friday. Ohvola and Access-ed were their apparels sponsor, we were also one of the judges for the pageant that night. :)
OTD: Upcoming Sequin Hem Frock <3

Yep! Dresses from Ohvola :)
My fav partners that night! 
Meet this pair of beautiful sisters we met! Why Lu and I not like that...

Ana likes Sean so much she kept talking to him the whole night!
 Sean was saying we should keep in contact with her so she can be our model when she grow up hahahha
My pretty dress in midnight blue! 
Judging in progress.
Was kinda sad the most promising male contestant didnt win that night. Oh well.. 

And If youre wondering what Lu wore.. There you go!
Another upcoming frock we kept all colours for ourselves :D

Cousin Ilisia's sweet fourteen birthday @ Honjin 
Here's the entrance, very traditional Jap style

Thou there wasnt a wide spread of food included in the buffet,
I had my fill and would definitely go back there for dinner again! 
Birthday girl! We got her the pink Baby G watch she's wearing in this photo. So glad she love it! 
Happy family!

Upcoming piece on Lu! White + Fuchsia.
Available in 3 other combinations :)
Upcoming Military Shirtdress in white w bronze button detail. Superb material, I kid you not.  

So yesterday, Mx and Lucinda brought us to their favourite, Platinum Movie Suites! It was Sean and my first time there, finally able to experience what Lu has been raving about every time she visits this place. What a luxurious 2hrs!

All excited! 
A reflection shot in the classy lounge! Would have taken more pics if I had time ):
But we were already late for our 11am movie.  
Side lamp + Table
Tadah! Super comfy adjustable leather seats.

Wide range of food to choose from the menu! They serve gourmet popcorn instead of the usual ones.
Sorry forgot to snap some pics of the food but I strongly recommend the All Beef xxxx which I ordered.

Another upcoming design. Coral top with detachable obi sash. Nice right? :D 
The versatile black knit shug is also an upcoming design!
You should have seen the grey version if you have been following Lu on twitter. She posted the pic ytd :)

Another combi of what Lu wore to our cousin's birthday :) 

Alrighty hope you all like the upcoming designs from Ohvola. Will be back with more outfit post! x
Till then...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

''My Friends Are My Estate''

Elle's 21st 

Wednesday night, Em By The River

Marmalade Pantry

Till then...