Thursday, October 27, 2011


So last Saturday was Rainee's 21st @ Naumi. The night where we literally got chased out of the hotel. The staff just stood right at the door and refused to leave haha we had alot of fun nonetheless! 
The room was very nicely decorated! 
The guest book the birthday girl prepared:)

Custom made Hello Kitty x  Masquerade cookies as door gifts! Perfecto! 
 Lu wore the upcoming PLEAT SKATER DRESS in Wine!
All geared up!
Yuck check out my bursting eye bags lol

Colourful polaroids! The must-have in every party :) 
With R's bf Ivan, the guy behind this awesome party!  
One of the most beautiful cake ever!
My fav group <3
And the Ngee Ann people!
So nicely baked! Except that R requested for rainbow interior but it came all chocolate
oh bummer! I've never seen a rainbow cake irl :(
Pardon Sean hahaha
I wore LE WATERFALL JACKET, really comfy piece!
As usual games time! Check out the silly girls in the bathrobes 
Matching mask!
Desiree can pull of red lipsticks really well! 
The board the girls did!
And a classic chain necklace from us. So glad she liked it! 
And a Hermes bangle from Ivan!!! 
Here's a photo of Sean and I ^^
Haven't been meeting Sean very often ever since he got transferred to a new Airbase ):  We used to meet almost everyday! But now he goes to bed extremely early and wakes up at 5am every morning :O Works on PH and sometimes on weekends. So glad his OIL is next week! We can finally go for our usual dates! 
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ohvola Outdoor Shoot II

A video done by xpoppy, more of her vlogs on her channel!
Psst look out for the upcoming pieces :)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

All the good times

Back from Ohvola's cover shoot! As usual it was scorching hot and super tiring, thank god we dont have to do this very often. Was telling Lu we should go somewhere indoor with air-conditioning in future before Xyu and I hate outdoor shoots hah. Became much tanner again despite the massive spam of sunblock, boo!

So we will be updating with a new collection sometime this week, a night launch this time! Before I forget, really sorry but we will be blacklisting customers who back out/MIA from their buys due to the rise of deadbuyers recently. We have no choice either ): So please please only add the items to cart if youre 100% sure you're getting it.


Dinner @Ps Cafe

Did my hair at Kimage before meeting them, my first and last time at Kimage I would say
Kinda regretted perming cos my hair is so dry now! It's worse than grass ): 
If only I have the patience and skills of Desiree, she curls her hair everyday without fail.
Truffle fries is love!
Decked in Ohvola head to toe, yep upcoming Gold-button knit cardigan :) 
I dont remember the name of it but it tasted really good
Strangely my curls looked good here but it's not anything like this in real life

Fav skirt of the collection! Comes in size S and M.
Good thing is that it doesnt have smocked back/elastic band so it looks more expensive heh

Royal Room after dinner 
Muffin: Mok looks injured
Us: Huh?
Muffin: He has bandage on his head

Ktv @Teo Heng
With my pretty model
Wearing Obi Waisted Blouse that's on BO

Meet Junying! She can really sing man

Cheryl's 21st @Midview City
Nice collage done by her family :)
So sweet of her Dad to do up a PPT for her!
Cheryl was so touched by her Dad's speech, she cannot stop crying.
Tears of joy :)
Door gift!
Agar agar birthday cake!
Secondary groupie! :)

Korean Bbq @Arirang

Tri-Colourblock Frock in Blue

Presenting you the most beautiful upcoming Carla Crochet top!
Available in 5 colours which we are keeping all!

Zooming in on the crochet details, so pretty right! :)

Alrighty that's all for now! Stay tuned to the mailers. 
Till then..