Friday, December 28, 2012

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

Hello! How was everyone's Christmas? Hope you had a great time with your family and friends cos I certainly did!
I've been constantly reminding myself to hand make cards and diy gifts every year but have never got down to doing it. Never..
Need to stop being such a procrastinator, 2013 shall be it! I should totally write it in my goals to achieve for 2013 haha

Pictures from the party at Morg's!
An inverted xmas tree! It's so unique, my first time seeing one! 

With Rainee the early bird! 

Ordered these cute cupcakes from Bake2gather! 
Thankyou Gladys for delivering it on time despite the late notice :) 

Prepping for the games section 'minutes to win it'

Us fooling around while the 'chefs' of the night prepare at the back

Best salad ever!! 
Coming from someone who doesn't really like veg this is really damn good!

Oh yum

It was indeed a feast that night!!

Love this customized pouch from Char :)

My card from Qian! ^^

After dinner was gift exchange!
Some shots I managed to get before it was my turn! 

Me trying to challenge Rainee who picked a Chanel lipgloss
Apparently I lost, I suck at scissors paper stone.

So I went on to open what I picked.
And guess what.. It was a Chanel lip gloss as well teehee so blessed :D

Happy Sean with his toy! 

And it was time for desserts! 
A pity I was having a bad cough and couldnt have much of these sweet treats :(

Durian lovers!

No pictures from the epic games session but everyone had a blast for sure!
Thank you Morgan for being such a great host as usual!

And on the actual day, we had a small affair at the office followed by precious time with the extended family!

The Zhou sisters <3>

Sean and I got watches for each other :)

Love them both!

From the meetup on Saturday

The 2 angels who will be at every Ohvola event :')

Sweetest handmade card and cookies from our customer, Rachel!

Dinner was to Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square
Wide variety of food on the menu, I had a really hard time deciding!

 Most of the dishes came with pancakes thou some of the combinations were kinda weird.
Overall it was good, definitely beats strictly pancakes hands down!

Denim date w Sean! So glad it's only 2 more months till his ord :)  

So yup we won't be launching till January as we are in midst of preparing for our warehouse sale.
Have already fixed a date and will be announcing it real soon!
Of course it will be held at our homely office :) Just worried it might be a little too small.
Oh well.. Stay tuned for the mailer!

Till then...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Life, is a record of the choices you made'

Hello! Another quick update before the last Christmas collection tonight at 8pm, or rather last launch of the year?
Still deciding if we should squeeze in another launch!

Yup we will be holding a meet-up session from 12-7pm at our office so you can receive your items on time!
Yay it will be our first time having customers to drop by this office space. Remember to choose 'Meet Up Session' as your carrier.
Can't wait to meet you all!
Already bought plenty of candy canes from candy empire haha I'm so excited for Saturday :)

So on Tuesday, Sean made reservations at Salt Grill & Sky Bar cos we wanted to try their executive set lunch. But because of the traffic, we missed it 5mins! Last order was 2pm but we reached the carpark at 2pm. I was damn upset and settled for Alfresco Gusto.
The weather was on our side :) 

 Tiger prawn pasta in lobster bisque sauce, very generous with the prawns.
My third time there and their pasta never fails!

 Sean's carbonara!

 Panna Cotta 

 Outfit of the day! Both top and skirt launching tonight :) 

 Fooling around inside the signature christmas tree outside ion


Then was to SEA Aquarium!
No doubt it's the world's largest oceanarium, we spent almost 3hrs inside! 

 Sean's love for marine animals! 

 Cute little girl who tried to remove the starfish from rocks

Saw this huge stingray and joked about how tasty it will be with sambal chilli!
Sean was like 'you bitch' lol

He kept asking me which fish I want to be when we pass by every aquarium! -.-

 My fav! The one with the most colourful fishes. So pretty!

 Everyone should visit the SEA Aquarium, I'm sure it's worth every penny! :) 

Till then..