Friday, February 17, 2012

Diamonds dates x

Hola! I'm back with the results for the Maybelline giveaway.
Thank you girls for sharing with me your favourite products and your well wishes!
  1. Jasrin sQ
  2. Joy Tan
  3. Angelia Ang
  4. Shemona Young
  5. Justina Neo 
  6. Jennifer Neo
  7. Kate Lee
  8. An An Chia
  9. Mei Ting Lim
  10. Carol Ng
(Congrats ladies! Do email me your home address and I will mail it out asap)

Apologies to the rest whom I didn't manage to pick, wished I had more to giveaway ):
Thank you for participating once again! 

To Ssikkek for Sean's Mom birthday dinner
Fully booked on a Tuesday night, so popz
My armssssssss
One of the best Korean bbq I've been to!
Meet Auntie Cindy, Kaka and Clarissa

So sweet!
In an upcoming piece, it's been awhile since Ohvola launched bodycon dresses! 
Dont know if you can see but I love the asymmetric flap at the front <3

Happy family :)

And so my Vday dinner was @ Dozo
Starved and waiting for dinner to be served!

My Valentine
Starter of the night. Smoked Salmon with Cream, Scallop with Yuzu Foam, Foie Gras on Bread

Nice and romantic ambience

 Seasonal Sashimi Platter
Crab Bisque Cappuccino
 Sean's side dish which I didn't fancy, not a fan of Escargots

 My fav of the night, Stew Beef with Puff pastry

Must order!! Super yumz!


The main dish I chose, Baked Cod Fillet 

& The highly raved Beef Tenderloin Pu Ye Granite Hot Stone

Drinks served in a little pot!

And lastly the final dish, Warm Chocolate Cake i like~

& French Cheese Cake

Indeed the food didn't disappoint, extremely value for money!
I'm definitely going back for the lunch set meal! 
Oh yes they do have private rooms too, if you intend to celebrate your birthday in a group :)

Satisfied us!

 Another upcoming bodycon piece, really flattering with the overlapping details! Hid my tummy pretty well heh

  Exactly 1 more year till Sean's Ord, can't wait for that day to arrive :)

Till then...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let there be love

2 more days to Valentines Day. My 5th year celebrating this special occasion with Sean :)
I'm really eager to know where we will be heading for dinner tomorrow! Have already decided on what to wear heh

So today my friends and I went for the Flea @ Scape sponsored by ForFleaSake! Reached at 145pm and everyone was open for business. (flea was from 2-8pm) Was told that the indoor stall that was reserved for us was taken by someone else without permisson :<
We were in the outdoor area for a good 2 hours before we shifted indoor. The sun was really unbearable but there were still shoppers going all out under the sun to bargain for good deals. Salute!

 The cranky girl who claimed she had heatstroke 
Miss fashionable R
 Our loots for sale

 Sean got me this chiong katespade casing from another stall
 Really nice of Charlene to come help out!
 Hugeass burger from Pique Nique, super yumz. Thankq Dennis!

 Do email if youre keen in the shoes!  
Had alot of fun with them today <3

Here's my outfit of the day, in Parker Slit-sleeve romper black. Very comfortable piece, love the slit-sleeve details to bits!

Dinner with the poly-mates :)
 My second visit to the outlet @HollandV. The standard of the food was kinda disappointing this time 
 Grace deliberately wore an Ohvola piece that day heh, in Reversible Top in orange :)

Grace brought us for Ice-cream after food
 Didn't expect it to be so crowded on a Tues night, we had to queue to get seats  

Very good ice-cream thou, worth the wait! 
Wearing Tish romper in another look:)

 Outfit to a business meeting, felt like an OL that day! 
In Camryn Pocket shirt with A-style Skirt (wearing size s) Great material used for both pieces :) 

Marutama Ramen for late lunch
Ree's face super epic!
Imitating how Lu posed for a shot, did we just crack you up? haha

Remember the Maybelline giftaway I mentioned a few months back?

Here it is! 10 sets to be given away :)
To win:
LONG EXTREME STILETTO mascara that comes with a makeup remover

Simply drop me an email ( sharing what's your favourite Maybelline product and why? I will then pick 10 winners in a random manner and will drop you guys an email on Vday!

Remember to catch Ohvola launch tomorrow at 2pm!
Till then..