Thursday, March 29, 2012

Behind the scenes

Peektures from the outdoor shoot from my phone!

4 hours straight under the scorching hot sun is no joke.
I blackout-ed by the 3rd hour and headed straight to the car for air-con while they continue with the shoot.

Salute to Xyu Ree and Lu! I am definitely at least 2 shades darker now ):
Sucks how it takes months for me to become just a little fairer and an hour to be back to square one.

Lesson learnt, need to spam sunblock for every outdoor shoot in future.
Thank god for Ree's pink umbrella!
Heh my best friend rocks
In Lux Career Dress, available in size S and M. Im wearing size S! Love the slim cut fit of it, quality assured!
Our trusty changing tent cum hanging rack
Shipment for Rubie Piped top has been delayed, will only launch it in the next collection):
In Dear Embroidery blouse :)
Xyu and I in My Flair Flap Top, no doubt Im keeping all 3 colours for this lovely piece!

Summer Lookbook launching @ 830pm tonight :)
Till then..

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Friday Night

I finally overcame my fear of putting on contact lenses after so many attempts.
Yay!! Thanks to Desiree who never gave up on me. So here's a photo of me wearing grey lenses :)

I wanna be fair so bad
Last Friday with the girls!

@ Filter's reopening 

What I wore that night. Yep it's the same knit skirt I wore to Hongkong! Available in 4 colours :) 
1 thing I dislike about wearing oversized tee, makes me look so huge in photos. 

Oki till then.. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucinda's birthday!

Photos from Lu's birthday celebration!
Fran brought us to Vineyard @ HortPark for dinner with the family.

Birthday girl in the upcoming Jules Jacket!
There was some filming going on in the restaurant hence the bright light shinning on both our faces
I didn't really like my Pan Fried Duck Confit nor Sean's braised beef cheek
The only thing that was worth traveling down for, the escargots!
As usual, the Zhou sisters decked in Ohvola :)
In Tux Collared Romper in black :)

A design by Topshop!

Picnic @ Botanical garden on Saturday! A pity it started to pour when we arrived, thank god for the empty pavilion which we decided to make do with for the rest of the day!
In Swiss Dot Dress to fit the theme :)

Presenting you the man behind this picnic!
Mx is indeed one of a kind.
He didn't want to trouble anyone so he did everything all by himself.
From the picnic mat to the balloons to the plates to the food, everything!
Yes that includes the strawberries and the basket haha
Lovely friends happy with their subway sandwich!
If it was my birthday, I'm pretty sure Sean will make sure everyone brings something and leave the rest to his maid lol
Moet from Morgan!

Look what the Xpy got her!
Hello kitty mahjong!!
And we spent the whole afternoon unwinding with the great company. I'm sure looking forward to more birthday like these :) 

 And yesterday, after a business appointment!
Finally at Victor's kitchen!!
Pretty pricey dimsum I would say, my tea cost $2.50!
But well it was worth it cos the food served was god damn delicious!!
Golden egg yolk lava bun!!
Satisfied us :)
Here's my outfit of the day, Lilyan Work dress in wine :)
Our inspiration! Eliminated the drawstring at the waist.

Don't forget a new collection, Enjoy Spring launching tonight at 8pm!
Till then..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We ♥ HongKong

As promised, here are the pics from my holiday at Hongkong!
Had a hard time filtering from 600+ to 90+ photos. Apart from the rude citizens we met, I love everything about Hk The weather, the food, the late night shopping!

Happy Valley
Our hotel lobby

Took a ride in this slow moving Dingding tram

Our first meal after we arrived, Tack Hsin restaurant where they serve the best custard bun!
@ Times Sqaure in Causeway bay!

The cuties
Typical tourist shot @ their Mtr
Wax museum! Never knew Edward was so tall
Rainee with Marilyn monroe
The guys w Jackie Chan
Up to the peak!

Having ice-cream when it was 13degrees
And here's our room for 5 nights!

Day 2! 
All glowy after applying the bling bling cream we bought @ Sasa recommended by Rainee!
Mx and Lu brought us to their fav breakfast place!
I love their milk tea!!

Dennis' gorgeous EP3!
Shopping @ Mongkok


Mickey & Minnie hahaha

The cute gloves they bought because their hands were freezing!
Super act lol
Yummy waffles! Don't forget to get a cup of hot chocolate when youre there, I promise it's worth your $5!
Happy girl with her $8 cotton candy!
And Geraldine finally arrived!!
Pretty face! Envy how Desiree can pull off red lipstick so well!
The girls sharing the jumbo hotdog!
To the 4d show!

Queued for 15mins for a shot like this!



To another cheap and good dim sum for breakfast!
All excited outside Space Prada outlet but came out empty handed :(
Ocean Park!
Lazy panda!

Scary cable car ride
The kid in us!
Back @ Mongkok for desserts
And how can we miss out Cold noodles!!

Day 5!

At the train station when it was 13degrees

''give me the first class look!" Haha my spontaneous friends
Arrived at Shen Zhen!

Shoes galore

And really cheap bags!
Had Mighty Ranger burger, Hash brown + Beef + Onion + Cheese. Not a fan!
@ Little Sheep for hotpot
So good so good!

At the ferry terminal to Macau!
Hotel Beverly Plaza! Borrowed Sean's checked scarf cos I was totally freezing at 8degrees, and he had to use his bandanna haha how mismatched!
Nice lobby!
Our spacious room for 2 for the night!
Din Tai Fung
Us before heading to the Casino!
They have casinos everywhere! A pity we didn't have the time to visit the Venetian hotel's casino 

Day 7!
Hongkong fashion yo
Love streets like this!
St. Paul!

So that's my 1week retreat at Hongkong for you!
Prolly one of the best holidays ever, will definitely go back with the groupie one day :)

Till then..