Friday, March 29, 2013

Le Noir

So on Wednesday we headed down to Mbs for Le Noir!  

Heard alot of good reviews of the show and was super thrilled to have the opportunity to catch it ourselves :)   

With Lu before the 8pm show

The very entertaining performance had 3 different themes, black red and white which I thought the female performers looked a lil like VS angels!

Kept breaking into cold sweat for this guy when he had to balance on the pipes and went higher and higher~
My favourite part was where this pair had to spin at full speed on a tiny platform on roller skates, damn good man!

Was so fascinated by all the stunts and acts
 Unlike other performances, Le Noir's very engaging whereby they simply grab the audience up the stage. It's damn hilarious, you just got to see it for yourself! 

My +1 for the night

With Audrey and Shine :) 

And the rest of the Gushcloud bloggers! 

What I wore that night.

Don't miss the chance to catch this amazing show as it closes on 7th April.
 Get your tickets now here

Thankyou Gushcloud for the night!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Image Heavy

Just got back from a fruitful work trip!
So glad we managed to source for some new fabrics and prints that are 'very this season' :)
Shall patiently wait for the samples to be out in a few weeks time.
Meanwhile the factories have finally resumed operations after their super long break and our new designs are beginning to stream in again. Am really excited for the big plans we have in mind for Ohvola this year! :)

Pics from Lu's birthday at Alkaff Mansion 2 weeks back
Blessed birthday sister! 

An image of the pretty mansion I found online

Was really surprised that it was so empty on a Sunday afternoon! 

Ordered oysters to share

My yummy but not so photogenic Veal Ravioli, wished the portion was bigger thou!

Alkaff breakfast which didn't look very appetizing either :/

The food was pretty average, nothing really fantastic to rave about but the ambience is definitely worth coming back for :) 

The happy kids enjoying their brunch

While poor Jerrine and Qian had to wait for almost an hour for their not up to standard pasta

I'm beginning to agree with those who mentioned Rainee and Ree look alike! 

Ended the night with a pretty ombre cake and some Coca loving at Jr's! 

Met up with Junying at The Tastings Room @Marina Square last week. 
It's nice how my first nail sponsor became a good friend of mine.
Because she's so real, we can talk about anything and everything! 
Was really skeptical about how the food would taste upon seeing the empty restaurant but boy I was wrong.
Everything was yumz! Love both the truffle fries and cheesy escargots ttm!

Jy and her duck confit

Dropped by Mink for a Maybelline event
So sweet of her to deliberately wear an Ohvola piece :) 

Meet Hayley, the girl with the bubbliest character

Sheena from Gushcloud (Gotta love her pink and purple streaks!)

Good to see Mok after so long

With Donna, the only one who can pull off lilac hair! 

 Lastly a shot with Ian Fang! He's so cute! I just had to get a pic with him before I left
*fangirl mode on*

Rushed over to Vincent's birthday surprise at midnight but I arrived 10mins after the birthday boy :/

Porridge at Oasis never fails 

Happy birthday again Mr Dj!

Travelled all the way to the West for the highly raved Omakase burger

Had their deluxe cheese burger meal with truffle fries. Rather pricey imo but it was really tasty! 
I like how you can choose the doneness of the beef patty.  

My pretty mummy and best friend :)

Wore the upcoming slim cut Taffeta Blazer in Crimson :) 

Made effort to wake up earlier to avoid the jam on a Sunday to visit Jang Won at Jb
Been craving for this for the longest time ever since Char brought us here and Jang Won's prolly the best I've ever had 

Very generous with the side dishes (it's unlimited btw)

My fav 12 :)

Here comes da bombz, Jap Chae! 

Ree posing with her favourite dish

The other few highlights was the beef 

Smoked duck 

And scallops! 

As usual we ordered too much but the bill came up to only $30 per pax!  

Shopping time at KSL
Wearing Elle Moss Romper in white! 
The bottom is lined so you don't have to worry about it being sheer :) 

We heart Froyo! 

 Omakase dinner at Teppei
 This time it was really Omakase whereby the chef decides on what to serve! 

Morg had to book 1month in advance for the 12seats for us! 
The wait is usually from 2weeks to 2months depending on the time slot. 

Everyone anticipating! 

And here we go..

Sashimi love! 

My fav of the night was this bowl soup with clams!!

Sashimi rice was the finale before a sobert ice-cream to end the night! 

The rest of the 18-course! Really can't wait for our next visit in May! 

The Jap chef behind all the amazing food! It's so damn good, you really got to try for yourself!

Coke at $4 :/  Shall opt for free green tea instead the next time 

In Parc Pixie Dress perfect for big feast like this cos it hides the tummy really well!  

Will be posting a new blog post very soon so stay tuned!
Till then..