Thursday, June 27, 2013

Live the moment

 Found some time to sneak a massive picture post before the launch at 830pm later! 
Went to Le Chocate Cafe @Ann Siang the other day to try their Rainbow cake. 
Been wanting to try it ever since Lu went there earlier this year. 

 Indeed it was good! Even better than the one I had in Bkk, just that this was a little sweet. 

Alright here's how I look without any eye makeup :/ 
1 more week till I can have concealer around the eyes, cant wait! 
Quite happy that it's no longer swollen but I'm so annoyed that my left eye is still bruised on the eyelid.
Good thing it's not very obvious in photos 

 Wore Tilly Crochet Dress in hot pink
It's made of stretchy knit material, very comfy. 
Also comes in black which makes a perfect LBD! 

 And Sean's ootd; 
Bron Pullover in Mint & Neo Shorts both available on Access-ed 
He has a couple of Backpacks in this launch which is perfect for school as well, go check it out! 

And yesterday in Fidelis Playsuit in my favourite daisies floral print
Already received so many orders from my friends for this piece heh ;) 
We also chose a floral button for the keyhole closure which made the playsuit even prettier! 

Geraldine's birthday celebration 3 weeks back!  
My first time to River Safari! 

Well it was more or less like SEA aquarium, the only bonus was the pandas! 

The alligator swam and stopped in front of us with something in its mouth

It was a rat! Damn gross man, it purposely came in front and show off to us lol 
Okay something cuter next.. 

The super good looking Red Panda! 
It was like parading up and down so close to us. 
Wish I could bring it home, I'm sure it can be good friends with Taylor!

The lazy Kaikai/Jiajia.. 

Camped there for awhile before it came out to yawn and took a nap.. 

Sean said he was depressed because it lost bamboos at the casino lol 

Overpriced panda bun at $2.90, we still bought it anw! 

Alvin being Alvin!  

Quoted from Ree, 'Wouldnt trade these girls for anything else in the world' ;)

Then the birthday girl brought us to Rubato at Clover Way for dinner

I love wood-fired pizzas! 
Tasted like Peperoni's, so happy I no longer have to travel all the way to the West for good pizzas ;D

Sean and I are huge fan of lobster bisque! 

Would definitely be back for more because everything was so good! 
As usual, Geraldine's recommendation never fails.

Happy birthday to my first friend in SengKang, thankq for being so unique in your own ways ;)
Love your style especially how you're so 'ti-ki'!! 
Cheers to being friends for a decade!! 

Desiree's birthday dinner at Cocotte @Wanderlust Hotel

Rosemary whole chicken was the highlight of the dinner! 

So sad I have to give all these mussels and escargots a miss..

Foie Gras mousse was the bomb!

The rest of the mains was Meh.. Doubt I will be back to dine.  
But well.. the company made up for it. 

Candid. Everyone wants a piece of the birthday girl! 

Don't you think Ree looked a little like Arissa that night? 
Arissa's my 女神 btw! Haha 

Wearing the upcoming Beatrix Bustier! 

Happy 23rd my annoying best friend!! 
Thankyou for always being the first to be there for me 24/7. 
My wish for you this year is to find a good man and be the first to get hitched :D

Anws I've received so many emails asking me about my surgery and the questions are getting really repetitive. 
Am thinking of opening a formspring account so everyone will see Q&A.  
Hmm.. What say you? 
Till then..