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Vanity Trove x Zhousisters

Hello there! I'm super excited to be sharing this piece of news with you girls. 
Lu & I are super honored to be collaborating with Vanity Trove to have our very own customized box. 
A Vanity Trove x Zhousisters BOX :) 

I'm sure most of you know and heard of Vanity Trove. If you've not, basically Vanity Trove is a box of beauty products specially picked for you ladies. Think makeup, skincare and a whole lot of other goodies!

 Here's a preview of the 12 products we have for y'all! These are all in sample sizes for you to test out which ones you like before you decide whether to get the full product. I find the idea of this rather cool as samples are normally only given out over the counter when you purchase from them the full product, and with this you'll get to decide if these items are worth the bang for your buck.
More on these goodies below!

Here's a customized Repair Pycnogenol Serum by Skin Inc catered for my complexion. 
It's an anti-oxidant 350 times more effective than vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than vitamin E. Usage is 2-3 drops twice daily before you load up on moisturizer. This helps with stressed and sun damaged skin which would be ideal in sunny Singapore. 
You can get your customized dose too after completing a questionnaire on your skin concerns :) 

Tea Leaf Culture - Tea Trim(left)
I'm pretty sure detox teas are quite the rave now too. I would recommend this as what's appealing is that it's organic, contains natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. You cleanse your body of toxic and at the same time keep it healthy!

The product features as below:
-Naturally suppresses appetite – helps to regulate your daily food intake and thereby reducing meal size. (Allowing you to eat less during meal times).
- Keeps untimely food and sugar cravings at bay
- Boost metabolism
- Reduce bloating
- Does not produce laxative effects
- Floral and sweet scented

"Tea Leaf Culture takes tremendous pride in the quality of our tea leaf blends. Hence the loose leaf tea rather than tea bagged teas. Tea Trim is meticulously formulated in Australia with both organic and natural ingredients only.
Instead of using numerous different ingredients, Tea Trim contains only five essential and effective ingredients for maximum benefit: Organic Sencha green tea, Puer, Rose Petals, Licorice, and Yerba Mate."

Recommended Usage of Tea Trim: Twice daily. 30 minutes before meals.

TruLife Herbal System Detox(right)

TruLife Herbal System Detox aids in digestion and lessens oil absorption after meals, helping you expel toxins so you can stay healthy and lean with less effort. It contains an effective mix of 6 active ingredients known for fast digestion and detoxification properties.

Its taste is not the most attractive because of the ingredients contained(below) but I assure you this is a bottle full of goodness. The directions for consumption is a bottle daily and I would suggest to take it in the morning before you start your day about, you can even choose to have it chilled.

Green Tea – aids in your body’s protection from free radicals while increasing metabolism.
Lotus leaf – helps the body digest food more effectively and loosens bowels for better release of toxins from the body.
Cassia Seeds – moistens the intestines and unblocks bowels.
Hawthorn Fruit – balances appetite and provides relief from stagnation caused by fatty food, as well as distention and fullness in the stomach.
Folium Sennae – clears the digestive tract to remove impurities and fatty deposits.
Herba Plantaginis – dispels contaminants from the intestines.

Bottoms up!

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF20 
This is one brand I've always considered to try but it took a lot of contemplating as I wasn't willing nor ready to pay for the huge tube not knowing if it suits my skin or not. I guess I am now! This works as a skincare and makeup and gives off a healthy dewy glow after application.
If you're looking for a no makeup look, this is it! It is created to give a soft hint of color that evens and enhances without hiding the skin, as said by Laura Mercier herself. 

 My Beauty Diary mask that I used to go crazy over during my school days. 
This Vanilla Moisturzing Aroma Mask is suitable for normal skin types and especially recommended for dry skin. The sweet scent of Vanilla soothes tired skin and relieves stress. What it does is to help the skin to lock in moisture, prevents dryness and increases its hydration level helping your skin remain clear and maintain its elasticity. 
Quick tip, some days where I have events to attend, I'll take some time out to put on a mask before getting on my regular makeup regime, it really helps! My makeup stays on better, my skin feels softer and I sure do look better ;)
Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate
The latest youth-enhancing eye innovation from The Body Shop. It helps to reduct fine lines and eye bags. Enriched with the stem cells of Edelweiss, the resilience and potent renewal properties support skin renewal for younger and smoother-looking eyes.
I used the finger 8 massage technique after application and my eyes really did felt rejuvenated after one usage. The actual size product comes with a roller ball design, which makes it easy for application. 


Tempted by the items yet? You can get yourself a box right here
Use this promo code, JOLENEZHOUVT to get it at a special price of just $35 :) 
Oh and the first 50 will be guaranteed 1 full size item instead of the sample from your box. 
It's gonna be a surprise, what would yours be?

Till then..

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beautify your eyes Fresh Kon -sp

Here's a tiny fun fact about me: Even though I have perfect eyesight, I am also a frequent wearer of contact lenses. Times have changed, people are going through with lasik for convenience sake to spare the wearing of lenses but in my case, I put on contact lenses to 'beautify' my eyes. 

I love how the effect of having bigger eye pupils makes me look more awake and it also helps to enhance my eye make up. During those time I used to model for Ohvola, I hate the fact that I had to spam eyeliner so that my eyes looks bigger. Right up till I got recommended to FreshKon's Colors Fusion contact lenses.
My eyes definitely shined and dazzled after I’ve used it. Even my eldest sister, who had her lasik done a few years back asked me to spare her a few pairs of lenses so that she could look good during special occasions. 

FreshKon ftw!

Prior to this, I am already a user of FreshKon lenses, I was so delighted when the sponsorship came along. Previously when I was wearing their monthly series, I'd never experienced any signs of dryness.
I know it can be tedious when doing the after care of the monthly lens. For example, you have to soak them in the solution for at least 4 hours after wearing them.  Unfortunately, there are moments whereby I got so lazy and tired that I became so slipshod with the cleaning process. I practically just rinse them through the solution a couple of times and put it back on.
So if you're like me, or even lazier (oops, heh), now's a good time to get their 1-day lenses! Come to think of it, I should chuck away my monthly lens and convert to their 1-day lenses. It spares me the routine of washing them every night, and I get to choose from a variety of colours to put on for different days instead of sticking to a color for the entire month. :p

These 1-day lenses not only have the effect to beautify our eyes, they also protect our eyes from harmful UV rays at the same time. FreshKon Colors Fusion 1-DAY lenses offer superior comfort with a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface, 58 percent water content and hyaluronic acid for optimum ocular lubrication and hydration for enhanced comfort and clarity.

And, these lenses come in 3 sparkling shades! Introducing, 

1)Brilliant brown
This brown is a warm tone that adds an earthy depth to our eyes. It's the most natural color among the lot IMO, as it's the closest to our natural eye color. Love how the FreshKon lenses brightens up my eyes with a soft touch. Would recommend this if you'd like a subtle makeup to your eye!

Lashes extension by my trusty sponsor, KJStudio by Covo at Keong Siak! 
No eye makeup needed at all with these lenses and 12-14mm eyelash extensions :) 

2) Shimmering Grey

Here's my usual color, Shimmering Grey. I like the cool sparkly glint this grey gives, also it goes best with my everyday look. Grey is definitely my go to colour because looking natural is the key!
I’m sure nobody would like to look creepy with extremely huge iris right?  The Colors Fusion series enlarges the iris to an appropriate size that suits me just right in my opinion. (:

3) Blushing Violet also the newest addition to FreshKon Colors Fusion series.

A new color to the range and this color is a perfect match with my current hair!

It's not too loud a color yet it managed to enhance my overall look. Definitely a color to pick for events & parties!
I’m glad how my eyes felt very comfortable with FreshKon lenses. They are pretty thin and soft and a breeze to wear and remove them even after long hours of wearing them.

If you're interested in these gorgeous colors above, FreshKon Colors Fusion 1-day lenses are available at participating optical outlets for $56 for a box of 30 pcs (15 pairs), and $22 for a box of 10 pcs (5 pairs). 
If you're a first timer with contact lenses, I would recommend the latter to treat it as a start-up kit, pretty sure you'll be back to get more ;)

And this below are also the promotions ongoing now,

2 Boxes of 10 pcs @ $38.90
4 Boxes of 10 pcs @ $74.80
+ Free Tin Box and FreshKon Bracelet (pics below)

2 Boxes of 30 pcs @ $99 
+ Free Tin Box and FreshKon Bracelet
4 Boxes of 30 pcs @ $190
+ Free Tin Box and FreshKon Bracelet

Check out the bracelets! Normally freebies look super unappealing but this, I'd totally wear out! :D

A couples of weeks back, I made a visit to Koolook at Junction 8 to have my eyes checked and to collect these lenses. Upon reaching, I was welcomed by a lady with warm smile who turned out to be an Optometrist of Koolook. Jayme the optometrist led me into a room to examine for shortsightedness/astigmatism. She was very patience and made me feel very comfortable throughout the session.
I would strongly recommend you guys to look for Jayme to get your eyes checked. Koolook is right smacked in the middle of level 1 in Junction 8, you wont miss it (: 

Koolook Branches:

Koolook Pte Ltd ( Lucky Plaza #77)
304 Orchard Road  Lucky Plaza #01-77

Koolook Pte Ltd (Jem)
50 Jurong Gateway #02-40

Koolook Pte Ltd (Junction 8)
9 Bishan Place #01-16
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Koolook Pte Ltd (Lucky Plaza #85)
304 Orchard Road  Lucky Plaza #02-85

Koolook Pte Ltd (Suntec)
3 Temasek Boulevard  #02-705, Suntec City Mall,
Tower 3
Koolook Pte Ltd (Tiong Bahru)
302 Tiong Bahru Road #B1-20/21 Tiong Bahru Plaza

Koolook Pte Ltd  (Westgate)
3 Gateway Drive #03-41 Westgate
Singapore 608532

FreshKon Instagram: @Freshkon_Singapore

Till then..