Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lancôme Advanced Genifique

As I was saying, entering mid twenties means I need to start taking extra care of my skin. I miss those days when all I need is tap water to run through my face but that's no longer the way to maintain our skin at this age. Two weeks back, I was introduced to try out the Lancôme Advanced Genifique series. My eldest sister who's in her early 30s has been using the Lancôme Genifique Yeux religiously so I'm feeling absolutely pampered to be able get my hands on this Advanced series. 
Also, I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging and this little black bottle has definitely won my heart! 

If you're looking to try out this, you don't need to chuck away the unused products you currently have or wait out till you finish your current bottle because the best part of this Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate is, that you don't even have to replace any of your usual skincare regime because it does even more magic when used together with your usual products. It actually boosts the efficacy of other skincare products by up to 3X, Advanced Genifique is a transversal product which can be used in any skincare routine, with any existing skincare products! 

Instead of getting more and more products that can actually work for you, why not invest on this one Youth Activating Concentrate that can fit into your skincare routine easily and at the same time boost your skin's absorption and make other products more effective? I say, it's definitely a good buy!

Advanced Genifique is definitely my top pick!

Advanced Genifique has scientifically proven its effectiveness in repairing and activating 10 visual and tactile signs that characterize youthful skin. 

* Fine lines are diminished by 42% 
* Wrinkles are smoothed by 46% 
* More radiance 52% 
* More clarity 47% 
* More evenness 42% FEEL IT 
* Texture is improved by 57% 
* Elasticity is improved by 50% 
* More tonicity 49% 
* Skin is firmer by 48% 
* Sagginess is reduced by 46% 

Here's me applying the concentrate before my usual skincare & makeup routine,

Pump out the concentrate from the dropper, it's self-loading functions has already loaded up the perfect dose for optimal application, fuss free!

Just pat all over your face for instant absorption and you're on your way to younger looking skin!

Here's how I incorporated the product into my daily skincare regime,
Day: Cleanser > Toner > Lancome Advanced Genifique & Serum > Moisturizer > Sunblock 

Night: Cleanser > Toner > Lancome Advanced Genifique > Serum > Moisturizer > Advanced Genifique Yeux Eye Illuminator 

I can't emphasize enough on the importance of taking care of our skin now that we're more prone to the gravity of aging, I sometimes find it unfair that we age faster than men(sour grapes alert), there's a saying that goes "Men age like fine wine, while women age like a glass of milk." Time to overthrow that adage!

I'm not dealing with much signs of aging on my face yet, however fine lines always appear below my eyes whenever I don't get enough sleep and I recently noticed dark spots appearing which is pretty much enough to scare me. 

Lancôme promises results with a formulation of advanced double action, advanced formula & advanced texture. And after using this for 7 days, my skin feels more hydrated and looking into the mirror I could see my complexion giving off a healthier radiant look! I've also noticed the slight firming effects and how my fine lines are now less visible. It's amazing how one pump of this gentle soothing Youth Activating Concentrate can make so much a difference to my usual skincare routine.

Next up, all hail the new and improved Genifique Yuex Eye Cream and Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator. To be honest, up till today I do not own a single eye cream/serum products. Only on days when I find my eye bags more obvious than usual, I'll creep into my sister's room to pinch a few dabs of it. So this new generation Genifique Yeux eye illuminator definitely was a timely arrival. 

I'm no makeup/skin care junkie so this is the first time I came across this cool looking applicator that brings eye serum massage to a whole new level! The flexibility of the cushion like tip allows us to apply the serum even in the most inaccessible eye areas. Instead of using our forth finger, this actually boosts the sensation of freshness on application. 

I was taught how to make small back-and-forth movements under and above the eye to energize, reduce eye bags and open up the eyes. (desiree I think you need to learn this! HAHA)

Step 1- Apply the formula in circular movements, from the inner to the outer
Step 2- To depuff the eyelids and erase fine lines by smoothing it out in small circles under the eye
Step 3- Up-and-down movements to smooth wrinkles 
Step 4- Position the applicator vertically and apply light pressure to each of the pumping points in the eye contour area for bigger-looking eyes 
Step 5- Using your fingertip tapping skills to complete the 1min routine.

Not to worry, there is a step by step manual leaflet when you purchase the product to help you with optimal usage :) 

When I applied it around my eyes I could feel my skin absorbing it quickly. I dislike serum and cream that are too rich for absorbance and ended up being sticky. So this reinforced light-infused formula is just right for me. The appearance of my eye bags is reduced and visibly less puffy. 
And because the slightest change can make a huge difference, I shall spend a little more time by my vanity massaging my eye diligently everyday! I'm officially hooked to this eye illuminator :)

I am definitely impressed with the new and advanced Genifique series and I guess that must be the secret to radiant glowy skin for Lancôme users. Age is definitely a sensitive number but with the help of Advanced Genifique, it'll no longer be an issue together with younger looking skin!
Thank you Lancôme for coming up with these products to maintain our youthful aura! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Boo I am 25.

Entering mid-twenties means greater responsibilities. 

My birthday staycation at Lloyd's Inn with the boyfriend, this time in the standard Sky Room. It's my second time with them and I really love the minimalist theme of the hotel.  

Bbq night with the friends. 

July babies
Gotta thank the pastry team at Boufé for this amazing carousel cake made from scratch. Felt really bad after knowing that they stayed up till 2am for this the night before, If I knew I wouldn't have wanted this complicated cake as they are always burnt out during the weekends. Really sorry & very thankful for the 100% effort!!  

Saturday at Coastes with my monsterz, the bunch of girls whom I know that will always have my back. If you don't know, I used to dislike my best friend 10 years back during my secondary school days for no apparent reason (maybe because she's just too loud), but after we got into the same class we became closer and tadah~ So my point is, don't be so quick to judge because you never know how fate plays with us sometimes. Be kind, even to people you don't know. 

For the first time in a long time, we planned a surprise staycation for the Gemini birthday girl who had completely no clue. Lied that we were going for high tea at Fullerton and followed by heading to the trampoline partk, somewhere which she has been dying to go but in fact, we were all waiting in the room while Rainee brought Ree to her 'sis' (which was us) who was at Lloyd's Inn and had 'imaginary vip free tickets' for us to the trampoline event.
I was considered lucky to have emailed Lloyd's Inn and got hold of this Big Sky Room since it's always fully booked all the way for the next few months. And as usual, my birthday wish for her is to find her Prince Charming who is taking forever to arrive.. Meanwhile, any takers, do email me for a secret matchmaking session :D

The rest of the night was filled with non-stop nomming, heart to heart talks, laughters and that pretty much summed up a perfect girls only staycation. 

Till then..