Saturday, November 21, 2015

Impromptu getaway to Infinity Residences @ Koh Samui

Just got back from Koh Samui not long ago and cant believe I'm already blogging about the trip. Well truth is because I'm on full shift at Boufe right now and have so much time to spare haha

Koh Samui is an island in Thailand which is not too heavily commercialized compared to Phuket/Krabi. Perhaps it's because there isnt any budget flights flying there now. And guess what, we bought our tickets for a whooping six hundred bucks two weeks before the trip. 100% overpriced for a 1hr 45mins flight isnt it?
It would be perfect if we could travel to Bkk for 2 days and take a ferry to Koh Samui for 3 days. The price would be much cheaper this way but unfortunately we didnt had the time to do so.

The comfy airport outfit; wearing Buckled A-line Skirt in rose (s)

Took an evening flight and after travelling for 30mins from the airport, we finally checked in to Infinity Residences and Resort.
We booked a 2 bedroom suite and it came with an infinity pool all to ourselves and an absolutely gorgeous sea view. I love how it's so spacious and modern without losing the resort feel. I'm not too sure if it's because we came during the monsoon season but we didnt see many guests around during our stay. The only downside about this resort is that it is situated above a mountain which made travelling really troublesome. We had to take a 10min shuttle service up and down the mountain whenever we are heading out. But with that, we get greeted to a stunning view everyday.
Other than this, I seriously can't find another else to pick on.

House tour!


We were abit unsure how our stay would turn out actually. We were kinda skeptical about pictures vs real life now after getting punked by our BnB stay previously in Taiwan.
But boy were we sold when we set foot into our home for the next 5 days. And the morning view was stunning, it rendered us speechless for a while when we woke up at 7am, messy hair and squinty eyes staring at this unreal view,


Wearing Aria D-ring Playsuit white (xs), this is prolly my favoritest tube romper by Ohvola. I love the fit and how it sits perfectly, the best part is the white isnt sheer at all :)

 What's a beach holiday without getting grilled corn by the sea!
We were scouting the whole beach for the best grilled corn, explains why the 4 of us only had one corn in hand hahaha

Visited Chaweng Walking St in search of a good dinner spot. But this place was just lined with seafood stalls offering similar menus and pushcarts selling touristy stuff.

But this pancake truck parked right outside the CWS totally made all of that worth it. The chocolate banana pancake was so good we had a second go at it ;)

This Central Festival totally reminded me of Greenwich at YCK road. Looks like it isnt it?
It's prolly the biggest and newest shopping mall we can find in Koh Samui. They have starbucks, some restaurants, a huge supermarket and roxy/ripcurl etc.

All dressed up for the special night, wearing Ballerina Dreams Maxi Dress (xs).
Prior to the trip, we planned outfits and said we will be going for some fine dining during a night so we need to pack something nice to wear and obviously, Geraldine didn't realize anything. The good thing about her is that she is very easy going, so the proposal went by really smooth.

Pretended we had a reservation and got served to our seats, dining under the stars, while unsuspecting Geraldine still had no clue the proposal was closing in on her.

Completed the night with these complimentary sky lanterns from Hansar Samui.

So this getaway was more of a 'mission' trip because my girlfriend of a decade got hitched! Cheng actually flew down on the third day just to propose! They got to know each other through Sean and have been dating for 8 years. Cheng is definitely one lucky guy to be able to find a girl who loves to game as much as him. This one-of-a-kind silent couple games 24/7 on their phones and when they converse, it's all about the games they play. It seriously annoys me when Sean uses his phone all the time whenever we are out in the past. So yeah they complete each other and I'm really happy for the both of them :)

Went googling for 'Best cafe in Koh Samui' and this came out. The reviews said they serve the best Thai ice milk tea. Funny how it was so hard to find anywhere that sells this, we asked around and we always got directed to 7-11s instead of a drink stall/shop. But it was a pleasant surprise because we all preferred the 7-11 ones compared to this. Cute cafe nonetheless and coincidentally we all wore white that day.

And we spent the rest of the evening at this beautiful spot by the beach called Coco Tam's.


On our last day, we woke up earlier to explore the resort grounds while Cheng the butler made breakfast for us. We then lazed around till it was time to hit the airport, and almost missed our flight because we were on sloth mode.
Our entire trip happened with no itinerary planned at all except for proposal night. We woke up whenever we wanted to, head out whenever we were hungry, and had junk food and what not every night for supper. To me, the best plan to make during a vacation like this, is to not have one at all.

Till then...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Silkygirl Magic BB All-in-One Powder Foundation

Hey guys! I'm back with another product review and this time it's Silkygirl I'm gonna be talking about.
Sure this is no stranger brand to you girls, their 2 tone blusher was already my staple back in my teenage days as they were easy on my pockets while I was supporting myself. Even till now, Silkygirl's blusher still remain to be one of my top favorites ;)

Today I'm gonna be reviewing on their new product, Silkygirl Magic BB All-in-One Powder Foundation with SPF35/PA++. I love how this Magic BB foundation has SPF which double protects my skin from the sun after applying my usual sunblock! The last thing I was on my face is to have spots at this age. 

Other than ingredients like Vitamin E that helps to hydrate and protect skin from free radicals, this new formula, coupled with Silica, absorbs excessive sebum and promises longer-lasting wear with no touch-ups needed. It contains ingredients like wild mango butter & calendula flower extract, sakura & mulberry leaf extract to name a few that's set to moisturize, soften, smoothen and brighten skin with every application.

Other benefits of this BB foundation are:
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Long wearing 
  • Conceals imperfections
  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even out skin tone
  • Natural and matte finish
  • Contains non-comedogenic ingredients
  • Fragrance-free
  • Formulated for Asian skin

All in all, this little pink box sure packs a punch!

I received 3 shades - 01 Ivory, 02 Natural & 03 Medium, and I'm wearing 01 Ivory! It comes in a 4th shade as well - 04 Rose Beige.

Big smiles because I'm in love with this matte finish effect! I was initially very skeptical towards BB foundation due to the myth of it causing outbreaks but I have been using it for a week now and it is definitely working well for me :)

These 6-No formulas were incorporated in the making of this BB foundation, and you girls would be glad to know that one huge concern would be that no animal testing was involved, yay!
  • No oil
  • No shine
  • No fragrance
  • No paraben
  • No touch-ups needed
  • No animal testing

I also received these Matte Fever lipcolor Balm in 3 gorgeous colors,
L:R 06 Charm, 03 Flame, 05 Passion
These non-drying colors give a lightweight matte finish, and also works as a lipbalm, moisturizing your lips when you plump them up with color. It's really a chore if you have to sharpen it every now and then so the sleek retractable packaging is definitely a plus point for me :) 

Here's me channeling sultry in shade 06 Charm

 If you know me, I hardly go for the sweet look so I dont own any pink lipsticks but this 05 Passion shade kinda changed my thoughts on having pink lips! What do you think :) 

And lastly my favorite pick for my day to day look, 03 Flame, orange is my go to colour for my everyday makeup. I have a whole lot of lipsticks in different shades of orange and I really love how this gives a matte look yet it doesnt dry my lips. Thumbs up!

Thankyou Silkygirl for sending these lovely products my way. 
It's time to own one of these affordable goodies available at most drugstores out there, I'm sure you wont regret this :) 

Till then..