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Hohoho I'm back with more peekturesss :D
Lu's at HongKong having her second getaway with Mx for the month. How unfair! So here I am taking a break off the emails. Just 16 more days till the end, THE END OF ALL MISERY. Guess what I already have plans for the post-internship days. The first thing I need is to do something to my complexion! So gonna go facial for the first time of my life, thou I have no idea where! Will probably check out the one Xiaxue goes, any takers? :)

presenting you the slumber party! because it was linna's birthday!steamboat (: WE ARE THE COOLEST KIDS HAHA cos apart from lu everyone else was 24!!!
very serious game briefing
clock strikes 12, our slr went flat ): but still happy happy birthday linna!
can you tell they are 24???? no right!the girls
and everyone else!
Thank you for the fun everyone! Especially morgan for making everything possible :)
Quick update before I hit the sack.
Pictures from Xmas eve :D That night was meant for the closest friends. It was more of a heart to heart talk than a party. By 3am everyone knocked out, we practically slept the night away ): Who to blame, I had only 2hrs of sleep before heading to work on that day. All in all, it was good.

Revenge. Attack the bully!
Got too much food for just the 8 of us Most of it ended up in the bin. What a waste ):
Then for gift exchange! Still loving the Dior perfume Wees got me :D My love!!! Then the slr went dead. Mellifluooo had it all planned out. Next up Twister which lasted for 1hr? Sumo me and Tecko Sean!

And that's it.

Next up, New Year Eve + Slumber party. Till then..
Awesome Xmas eve eve with the marvellous people. Everyone had so much fun it's crazy! Can't wait to meet them next week, same place same fun! Thank you so much for organising, Morgan!
My fondue was on form that day!
All the pretty ladies with Junren and Dennis!

Sean being the bully as usual haha at lulu!
Time to feast!

Meet Morgan the organiser!
and Brenda!
and the bff was there that night with us as well!

Gift exchange! Love my Starbucks tumbler!

with everyone!

2009 has been really good for me, perhaps the best thus far because It's the year of achieving all the impossibles.
From convincing my Mom to get Taylor boy, the greatest joy at home to having our(lu and me) very own car to getting my Mom her dream watch R and Ohvola being featured in the papers and magazines. I really am thankful.
I am blessed with the loveliest gro