Awesome Xmas eve eve with the marvellous people.
Everyone had so much fun it's crazy! Can't wait to meet them next week, same place same fun!
Thank you so much for organising, Morgan!

My fondue was on form that day!

All the pretty ladies with Junren and Dennis!

Sean being the bully as usual haha at lulu!

Time to feast!

Meet Morgan the organiser!

and Brenda!


and the bff was there that night with us as well!

Gift exchange! Love my Starbucks tumbler!

with everyone!

2009 has been really good for me, perhaps the best thus far because It's the year of achieving all the impossibles.

From convincing my Mom to get Taylor boy, the greatest joy at home to having our(lu and me) very own car to getting my Mom her dream watch R and Ohvola being featured in the papers and magazines. I really am thankful.

I am blessed with the loveliest group of friends around me, they who make me look forward to weekends, they who colour my life. Relationship with my family and Sean still going strong and invulnerable. Life can't get any better, really.

So with this, may 2010 be a better year for everyone!


  1. Happy new yr i am stranger

    hahaha like macaroni man wait for one post for almost a month!
    But really is this all you have after SO MANY parties you attended in Dec!

  2. Hi stranger thank you for not giving up on my blog hahaha will update either tomorrow or wed k give me some time!!


  3. this is your best entry ever! :)
    love you baby.


  4. hahaha why so?
    help me with refunding pls!


  5. i love this entry, so happy so nice i read it so many times!


  6. Hihi:) when will the next collection be? :)

  7. Hello it should be up by fri! (:

  8. hello:) where did u get ur white top that u match with a brown belt? its very nicE:)


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