Quick update before I hit the sack.

Pictures from Xmas eve :D
That night was meant for the closest friends. It was more of a heart to heart talk than a party. By 3am everyone knocked out, we practically slept the night away ): Who to blame, I had only 2hrs of sleep before heading to work on that day. All in all, it was good.

Revenge. Attack the bully!

Got too much food for just the 8 of us
Most of it ended up in the bin. What a waste ):

Then for gift exchange! Still loving the Dior perfume Wees got me :D
My love!!!
Then the slr went dead. Mellifluooo had it all planned out.
Next up Twister which lasted for 1hr?
Sumo me and Tecko Sean!

And that's it.

Next up, New Year Eve + Slumber party.
Till then..


  1. you missed out desiree's aunt bbq. my perfume very nice righttttt...


  2. Hi, may i know where's that place you guys were at?

  3. Wees- Yea im lovin it!
    Anon- New Majestic hotel (:

  4. Hi! Just wna ask how much did you booked the room for? Thanks!!

  5. can i know where you got your floral top from? the one you wore.


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