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Hi all! Am blogging from my new MacBook!
I never really wanted a MacBook but I dont have much of a choice. As you can see I dropped my 4 year-old Fujitsu hence the cracked Lcd. Sean suggested having it fixed at Sim Lim for just $200 but the hard disk and all failed to work as well.
The real sad thing is, I have a 312gb portable hard disk but never did I once back up my files. So here I am only with 3 snapshots from the bb. Go back up all your files now before you regret like how I am now.
On a side note, Apple's indeed efficient. I got the real deal within 24 hours upon ordering on its web and that's even faster than any local online shops hahaha

And the Nikon a few weeks ago. I really have butter fingers

Here's Sean and I! 30th March - 46th Monthsary! Gonna go pack my bag for Superstar Virgo tomorrow!

Yay enough of procrastinating, I'm finally here to post some peektures and also because of this very mean screen. *points belowSo for those who have yet to receive invoice, do give us more time for gmail to reset (:

Supperclub with the girls last month
the faithful shot that totally killed us... or rather just me

Alright time to send the first batch of parcels now. Next up, CNY peeks!