Hi all! Am blogging from my new MacBook!

I never really wanted a MacBook but I dont have much of a choice. As you can see I dropped my 4 year-old Fujitsu hence the cracked Lcd. Sean suggested having it fixed at Sim Lim for just $200 but the hard disk and all failed to work as well.

The real sad thing is, I have a 312gb portable hard disk but never did I once back up my files. So here I am only with 3 snapshots from the bb. Go back up all your files now before you regret like how I am now.

On a side note, Apple's indeed efficient. I got the real deal within 24 hours upon ordering on its web and that's even faster than any local online shops hahaha

And the Nikon a few weeks ago. I really have butter fingers

Here's Sean and I! 30th March - 46th Monthsary! Gonna go pack my bag for Superstar Virgo tomorrow!


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