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Image Heavy

A collaboration between Panasonic and Ohvola.
Spend a minimum of $150 from 24/04/2010 to 23/05/2010 to win one of these ultra stylish Panasonic Lumix FP3 camera.

Photos from a random cafe at 313. Never knew 313's so happening at night until Desiree brought us there. Felt so much like streets of Clark Quay and Holland V. Cant wait to hangout there with the favourites again.

Did I mention that the kiasu guys have already got our tickets booked for IronMan II and IP Man II? Gosh typical Singaporeans much!

Dinner was at Marutama. But this time, the food wasnt as good as the first time we went. But still the queue was extreme!

Have you seen Coca + Cola? They are the to-die-for puppies! The cutest and the smartest pair of Toy Poodles ever! Click here to see how talented Coca is. Credits to* Junren and Brenda

Playhouse! Taylor is the giant among them

Weeks ago at Sunset Grill. We tried the level 3 buffalo wings and boy none of us could take it. I took a bite and started perspiring all over, …
This pair of shorts which many of you enquired will be up on Ohvola this weekend! We'll probably launch on Saturday. Available in 3 yummy colours which we kept all 3 for ourselves!
I wore the green one to a flea last week and received many compliments teehee there were people coming up to me asking if it will be on sale on Ohvola:) So yep Saturday. Stay tuned!

Haven't been to Bkk for the longest time.

Some pictures from the short getaway on cruise on our 46th Monthsary.
That was my first time to the Casino. We never knew the age limit was only 18 instead of 21. Both Sean and I were hooked to the extent of skipping all complimentary meals. We didnt even get off the ship for KL and Malacca. We were even asked to be members of the Casino. So yes that 3d2n trip made us both $500 poorer. We basically lost in every game we played hahaha