Some pictures from the short getaway on cruise on our 46th Monthsary.

That was my first time to the Casino. We never knew the age limit was only 18 instead of 21. Both Sean and I were hooked to the extent of skipping all complimentary meals. We didnt even get off the ship for KL and Malacca. We were even asked to be members of the Casino. So yes that 3d2n trip made us both $500 poorer. We basically lost in every game we played hahaha


  1. how much you spend for your cruise? any discount? where you get the promotion?

  2. $800+ It was a 1 for 1 promo Sean saw online. We were on the balcony suite hence the price.

  3. Where did you get your shades from?? its so pretty!

  4. why is my hair so messy at one of the photos??

  5. where did you get the floral printed dress worn with the black jacket?

  6. From Ohvola! Used to have them during the cny period (:

  7. hi babe :)
    where did you get the white puff sleeve top?
    thanks! :)


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