This pair of shorts which many of you enquired will be up on Ohvola this weekend! We'll probably launch on Saturday. Available in 3 yummy colours which we kept all 3 for ourselves!

I wore the green one to a flea last week and received many compliments teehee there were people coming up to me asking if it will be on sale on Ohvola:) So yep Saturday. Stay tuned!


  1. whats the measurements llike ? fits UK10 ?

  2. We've size M for the blue it should be able to fit a uk10 nicely (:

  3. Hi there,

    May i knw where you got your white strong shoulder top from? It's damn pretty and i'm looking all around for it! Pls let me know!! :D

    Thanks a million! :D

    Phyllis <3

  4. Yes it's very flattering! I got 3 colours :D

    From Zara @ 313. It was still there a couple of days ago. No prob!


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