Gawd.. I'm totally in love with this Topshop inspired denim highwaisted shorts i can wear it everyday!
The one above is from Topshop which I never had a chance to get hold of. Now that we have this perfect piece, I no longer have to seek high and low for it! Available in size S and M. Oh and we will not be doing backorder for it. So yep faster fingers first!


  1. hi, do u have size M for the Grenda shorts in black? :)

    email me


  2. the highwaisted shorts will be up in the next collection? when? (:

  3. Mailed you Wanxia (:

    Anon -It's up!

  4. Yeah! LUCKILY I HAVE GOT IT! Btw babe, mine is in size S or M?? Cause I saw Joyce yst and she talked to me(she was wearing this shorts) she told me M's too big??

  5. Hi Jolene! I love the jeans you wore in this picture, where is it from? Been looking for the perfect light wash jeans!

    Thanks :)

  6. Last long! Both of you look so sweet together! (:

  7. Elizabeth - Come collect your stuff soon :D

    Anon - Hi babe, it's from bkk. You can get it from far east as well :)

    Anon - I hope so Thank you!

  8. OMG ))): Im too late and I missed it! ): pls tell menif there'll be back orders

  9. Hi! May i ask which studio do you go for photoshoot? :)


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