It's Mother's day this weekend! Have you gotten a gift or card for your Mom? My sisters and I bought a bag for our beloved Mommy today! My mom is more of a Hobo bag person, so this is the perfect one for her. I'm glad she loves it!

Before we could continue with our shopping spree, I blacked out right in the Lv boutique. It's the time of the month you see, and doctor says I've real low blood pressure. Very embarrassing but inevitable. Lucinda had to drive me back like 30mins after we reached town, when the 4 of us hardly have the time to go shopping together. The worst part, I had to give the dinner with my secondary school girlfriends a miss. Felt so bad about it ):

Ps/ Check out Singtel's best Blackberry Plan for youth. With 15GB local date usage, unlimited sms with 200 mins outgoing talktime. Click on the ad on the left for more info. Kind of regretted signing a new line with M1 a few months back oh well..


  1. im sorry but do you think topshop will still sell the cardigan that you wore to ice skating? btw how much you got it for?

  2. hello! understand that you have graduated from poly. what uni are you going to or applied to?

  3. Anon- I got it at Vivo for $79? Doubt they have it in stores anymore.

    Anon- Hi! I didnt apply for any Uni, dont intend to study at the moment.

  4. then is it possible for you to manufacture it for ohvola? (something similar to it?)

  5. Hi back!
    oh so what you gonna do if you're not going Uni? work?

  6. Anon - We'll try to!

    Anon - I'm hoping to concentrate on OHVOLA for the time being (:


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