Some photos from Photo Booth while waiting for Macs to arrive. Time check 2.54am oh man what's taking them so long. I can't help it but this is the 4th consecutive day I have supper, kill me. My face looks extremely bloated than before (see the pics for tomorrow's launch for yourself). Sigh.. Never had this problem but guess I NEED to stop my daily consumption of bubble tea.

On a happier note, I got my second Chanel stud! Whee~ Got it from the boutique in Bangkok since it's out of stock in Singapore for quite some time. Sean thinks the one (on the right) he got me on my birthday last year looks much prettier compared. What say you? Ok I think I hear the delivery man! LATER :)


  1. hey may i know how much does one chanel ear stud costs?

  2. i think the right one is must prettier. :D

  3. is it cheaper to get them in bkk boutique?

  4. Anon - Hahaha shall thank you on behalf of sean(:

    Anon - Airport, yes.

  5. hi jolene,

    may i know the price of them?


  6. hey babe, what catering you got for your bf's birthday? You ordered from the hotel or your own?

    Hope you can answer it. Appreciate it.

  7. Anon - Hi $300++

    Anon - Hi there we didn't cater, we ordered tarts from Delifrance, sushi from suki, drinks from Koi, cake from Canele and the rest prepared by Sean's maid :)

  8. hey. jolene do u mean spore airport or bangkok airport?
    the channel ear studs are really pretty really wish to get one of it too! and i prefer the one sean gave u:)


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