Woohoo! Our cargo arrived yesterday, 200kg of new arrivals. Cant wait to put it up on Ohvola! Alright shall do a quick post before I get really busy again. Going over to my uncle's to celebrate Fathers' day and Monday will be the 4hr photoshoot.

Peektures on Sean's 21st part II!

view from the second floor
love the long flowy blinds

and the spiral stairs!
lucy and I
Jivian and Fran. This is the only picture of the second floor
2 tiered cake from Canele as usual
Surprise! An Ipad from the friends all along he thought he will be getting a HERMES bag hah
From Willie and Derrick
Then the classic group shots
And lastly the birthday drinks that killed Sean

Genting/KL with the awesome people. Supposedly a surprise trip for Morgan but somehow he knew about it.

I went on this ride!
While the timid rest (except for Morgan) played this
and this
Finally after 40 sing dollar, Sean won this bear!

The following day, we went down to Sunway Lagoon and some KL loving!
Yaomin and Desiree
Brenda and Junren

Awesome people!!

Looking forward to the next trip with them :D


  1. ugh, i thought i said bally instead of hermes. lol.

  2. Hey where did u get the cake? Mind sharing the address?

  3. Hi babe, mind sharing where the venue of the party was? Thanks!

  4. Sean - Oh yes it's Bally haha

    Melly - F21

  5. Cake's from CANELE Robertson Walk.

    Hotel Berjaya (:

  6. hi babe, how much is the cake?

  7. Hi! may i know where do you normally book your studio at?

  8. Anon - Not too sure babe, my friend got it.

    Anon - You might want to leave your email behind.

  9. thanks!

  10. hi I just bought the emerald skirt from ohvola (: can't wait for it to arrive.

    I think you're v. pretty :) is the girl in braces your sister?

    btw, if you don't mind sharing, where did you get your fisheye lens from? thanks in advance :D


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