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Photos from 3 weeks ago. We went to this Durian fiesta desert + Taiwanese porridge buffet at Goodwook Park. Thou Sean and I are not a fan of durian, the rest of them were. Kinda wasted for the both of us since most of the desert were made of/with durian. They had Durian Cheesecake/Durian Moose cake/Durian Crepe/Durian Puff/Durian Tiramisu/ Durian Pudding etc.. So worth trying for durian lovers.

Morgan and Lina gave my mom a treat! credits x sgdessert
Recent trip to Bkk

Desiree's mini birthday surprise!

And Geraldine's bday at 1-TwentySix

Scary.. May/June/July are major birthday month! Or at least for my group of friends.. And guess what my 20th birthday is next week but omg no birthday vibes yet. Everyone's sick of birthdays already. Oh well... meeting my suppliers in 7hrs time. Time for bed!