So with all the birthday parties and Ohvola weekly collections, we bid the crazy hectic month of July goodbye. Good news is, a short bkk retreat this weekend for a short break. Really looking forward to this trip because we will be staying in a new service apartment highly recommended by friends! No longer the same old routine. Aight here's a short update on my 20th birthday surprise x3!

On the 13th of July, a few friends gathered at Sean's for a game of mahjong while I continued with the emails, yes even on the eve of my birthday! When the clock struck 12, the 4 friends casually sang the bday song and continued with their game! haha but the real surprise came only at 1am when the rest came in with the cake! Really touched cos the next day was a weekday, everyone had school/work but they still turned up!!

On my actual birthday! The initial plan was merely Sean and i to hit town to get my present and have a simple dinner.

Then we travelled all the way from Town to Changi Village

Surprise! So if you watched this video you'll know what happened :)

Surprise x3 my ultimate cake!

Aww my angels!


  1. oh, happy belated!
    LOL, anyway what did sean gets for you?

  2. Where did your friend bought the cake?

  3. Phyllis - Thanks! He got me makeup products from Chanel and Lancome (:

    Anon - My sister ordered it online.

  4. Oh may I know which website she ordered from? (:

  5. Hi! How much did you get your Ferragamo open-toe flats for? Its very pretty!


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