Funny how I still ponder over if I have made the right choice for not furthering my studies. As I recalled vividly, it was an emotional struggle and dilemma for me. At times I harbored thoughts that I was segregated from my friends as most of them are preoccupied with university assignments but I didnt bother to apply earlier this year. But at the end of the day, I'm glad I didnt.
The past 3 years in Ngee Ann was an agony. Bus rides were a chore and most of my time in lectures and tutorials would be spent replying emails. If not for the wonderful teammates (jave celeste shihui effia), I wouldnt have graduated from my polytechnic.
Oh well enough of the past.. I am savoring every second of what I am going doing right now, probably the best phase of my life. Doing what you like is an enjoyment. So yep! Some mobile uploads of our humble studio office and working life yay!

The faithful flight of stairs

When we first moved in, neat!

Our very own studio! We will be renting this space out soon do email us at or my personal account for rates

And the new arrivals..

Our little wall of fame (:

The invoicing people at work!

And when the friends who often came to hangout


On days when the shipment arrives..
300kg 10 cartons of stocks

The packing of parcels
And more parcels
To jamming up the queue at Sengkang singpost!
I love life the way it is now..

And these from Mx's birthday at Coca steamboat!!

The loveliest friends who were there (:

Cake baked by lu! Ultimate sweetness
And today's the 30th so Happy 52th Monthsary Sean!!

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till then...


  1. You have make the right choice and your life is wonderful!
    Keep blogging.

  2. Yay ohvola rocks!
    & you needa get the pics from me soon man. You promised!

  3. Anon - Thank you! I will :)

    Anon - haha yes how about you send to my email? :D

  4. what about your dream being a childcare teacher? aha

  5. Can I know what course you studied in ngee ann poly? And is it easy to get into the university :(

  6. Logistics management. Definitely not for me..

  7. what do you study/learn/do when you take up logistics management? :D


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