Hate it when all these photos stack up and become overdue. The previous post was from Sean's dad. It's cute how his dad sends them these hilarious emails all the time.

Ever since Charlene joined us at Ohvola, I no longer have to sleep 4-5hrs a day! 3 cheers! She has been a really great help with no complaints even though we work for more than 14hrs on some days. So thankful to have her with us as well as our very supportive Mother and Max! We hope we have become more efficient now! Won't be launching a new collection anytime soon as we have been busy meeting suppliers for our very own manufactured label. Have seen some of the samples and we're really impressed. Cant wait to launch them!

Photos from Mokkie, the self proclaimed Prince of Kovan's birthday. The birthday lunch which we made everyone wait for 1hr+ before the food could be served thanks to the jam at Cte. Was feeling really bad about it as they actually prepared a cake for me and another aunt as well.

Bought the navy jacket from Zara sale the day before heh
The album we made!
With the rest of his friends!
Coincidentally, we eat our Man tous the same way!
Ohvola & Access-ed

Night at Azzura and Geylang 126 with the bff and Elle (:
With pretty Elle! The guys mistook her as a Korean and went Anyohaseyo..

Then for scallop porridge at 126!
At only $4.50!

Ikoi Japanese buffet with Rainee and Becky (:

Jiayou my dear friends you both can pull through this!
Need to go back for the free flow sashimi again!

High-tea at Carousel

Fooling around at F21

Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene, Can I know where did you bought your white puff sleeve top on the day you wore for High-tea at Carousel?


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