Photos over the eventful weekend! So on Sunday, Ohvola was invited to Amara hotel for NTU's Time Walt bash as the official ladies wear sponsor for casual segment, as well as Access-ed for the guys. Felt really honored to be seated at the VIP table as their judges for the pageant. Love their emcees big time, they were so humorous the four of us couldnt stop laughing at all their jokes.

Wheee~ My Chanel Jumbo finally arrived after the 3-month wait!!
The lovely contestants
For Mr Romeo & Miss Juliet

The day we went onboard Junren's yacht for Brenda's birthday surprise!

Ultimate chio right omg
Chilling on the deck while waiting for the birthday girl to arriveSurprise!

The guys in their manufactured Access-ed blue polo, nice!

Pretty Brenda and the diy photo frames done by us!

And the friends :)

Some behind the scene photos for cover shoot c97

Desiree protecting us from the falling branches haha
Kudos to Mx for fixing the most beautiful swing
The just for laughs
The end product!


  1. Did you guys leave the swing there? :D

  2. You didn't tell them how angst you were at the swing my love!

  3. Anon - No we removed it(:

    Sean - Was I? Haha must be because of the scorching sun!!

  4. hihi,
    how much those ur chanel bag cost?
    & where is the top u wear from??

  5. Hahahaha!!!!
    Yup left the swing there it's like a portal if you find it you can go to Narnia

    hahaha sorry but it's really funny!

  6. Hey I'm sorry to spam ur blog but cuz I emailed you all regarding my refund but till now still haven gotten it or any reply.

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

  7. Anon - Which top are you referring to?

    Oxygen - Mailed you babe (:

  8. Heyyy. Where did you get your chanel bag from? Nice swing btw :)

  9. Hi there, thanks! Got my eldest sis to get it from Paris (:

  10. Hi Jolene! I would like to ask how your friend manage to rent a yacht? How much it cost? (:

  11. Hi babe, the yacht belongs to my friend, Junren. You might want to leave your email behind for him to let you know the rates (:

  12. how much does ur bag cost?

  13. Hi babe, may I know where did your friend got the swing from? It's a DIY one or it's bought as a full piece? It's uber pretty! :)

  14. hey babe, what lens do you guys use during your studio shots for ohvola? planning to do some home studio shots for my family members but cant decide which lens to get. thanks!

  15. hi anon, the swing is DIY (:

    hi anon, we are using the standard nikon d60 lens (:

  16. hello! where and how much did you do your curls for? Is it just called "big curls"? I think it looks really really lovely on you!! (:

  17. Anon - Thanks! I did it at FEP LENG & Team for $260. i told the stylist loose big waves :)

  18. hi, where is this place that u took with the swing? its has very nice scenary.

  19. i love that colourful striped dress! where is it from?

  20. Anon - Punggol end!

    Anon - Dress from bkk (:

  21. hi can i know where did u all get the photo frames from?


  22. may i know if this dress that lu wore was on sale at Ohvola? thanks! :)

  23. hi, can i know your jumbo chanel bag is it lambskin? thanks.


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