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Last Entry of 2010

Are you all ready to bid 2010 goodbye? Well as usual I've no new year resolutions because I never seem to work towards them. So tonight we will be spending the night at WANGZ hotel. It's gonna be just a superior suite with 15 of us squeezing in it. Die. Because this was a super last minute plan and everywhere else was fully booked ): Alright some piccas over Xmas.

Doing Xmas shopping with Sean in the upcoming manufactured piece (: Valentine Ruche Dress in Black
Loading the carriers into the car for the mass meetup
Thankq Desiree and Charlene for being there with us (:
Lu in upcoming manufactured piece : Diane Drape Dress Navy And on me is the navy version of the white chiffon dress I wore to Bali Crochet details of the back, mad pretty!!

Pretty Ree also in Diane Drape Dress
Xmas gift from her :D
Valentine Ruche in pink!
With my chio mommy

On Xmas!

Selling SOLD

Selling Brand New Chanel CC Stud Earrings because I have 2 pairs of this.
Makes an awesome gift for the chanel lovers!

Leave a comment if interested (:
Well as promised here are the photos taken at Bali 2 weeks ago. Yes this December getaway was really much needed for us, a break from everything else. Bali was great and the villa is hugeass beautiful!! But I am more thankful for the awesome company for making this overseas trip such a success and an enjoyable one. Also thank you Sean for organising, Dennis and Jr for the planning!

Photos from the website which caught our attention :D
Gathered as early as 10am for the check-in!
Everyone all ready together with the angmoh at the back hah
Yep we flew with Airasia
The statues and sculptures everywhere
Finally after 45mins from the airport we reached : Villa The Shore!! The friendly people helping us with the bags
The 30metres long connecting pool :O
And me in the Ohvola's manufactured piece coming up in the next collection ;)

We call this the eerie corner with 2 out of the 5 bedrooms located here
The infinity pool
Sea-view from the second floor
It was already in the evening when we all got …