Alrighty tomorrow is the much anticipated trip with the favourite people. I've packed my bag and got the 'postpone' pills ready! (thank you reader). Now what we need is to clear all backlog emails before we sleep tonight.

Anyway have you joined the BO?
Good news! Supplier has promised to rush the orders for EMBELLISHED LUXE DRESS so you'll be able to wear it for your count down event on new year eve!

End of year is always filled with birthday parties!
So here's some piccas on Dennis' kickass celebration for you (:

Yet another surprise! Happy birthday to the youngest kid in the clique!
Dashed into his room when he was sleeping soundly
The steadiest group!!

The day before his birthday, they came to the studio while we were having our shoot

Checked-in Hard Rock Hotel Dennis arranged for us
Dolling up before heading out to dinner!
Went to the guys room thinking we were late but they were much slower than us!
Brenda & Charlene
Max & Dennis
The guys and their messy room
All of us!

Outfits by Ohvola!
On me : Sweetheart Pleated-Ruched Magenta (available via BO)
On lu : Ruched Cocktail Black (available in collection100)
On Desiree : Swirl Maxi

Alright time waits no man, back to email! Till then....


  1. Hi Jolene, when is the Swirl Maxi that your friend Desiree wore gonna be up in Ohvola?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi babe ,
    just want to know , for your friend brenda , could i know where she bought the black top ? (:

    Thanks !

  3. Anon - Yes it will be up on Extras from BO(:

    Yanrong - Hi dear Brenda got it from Bkk(:

  4. hi, may i know where can we find the white christmas tree? :)

  5. The Verge at Little India, previously known as Tekka Mall. They have a huge range of xmas trees there (:


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