Last Entry of 2010

Are you all ready to bid 2010 goodbye?
Well as usual I've no new year resolutions because I never seem to work towards them. So tonight we will be spending the night at WANGZ hotel. It's gonna be just a superior suite with 15 of us squeezing in it. Die. Because this was a super last minute plan and everywhere else was fully booked ):
Alright some piccas over Xmas.

Doing Xmas shopping with Sean in the upcoming manufactured piece (:
Valentine Ruche Dress in Black

Loading the carriers into the car for the mass meetup

Thankq Desiree and Charlene for being there with us (:

Lu in upcoming manufactured piece : Diane Drape Dress Navy
And on me is the navy version of the white chiffon dress I wore to Bali
Crochet details of the back, mad pretty!!

Pretty Ree also in Diane Drape Dress
Xmas gift from her :D

Valentine Ruche in pink!

With my chio mommy

On Xmas!

We love Taylor baby :D
Taylor's logcake from Ree!

And ours!

Boxing day at Overeasy with Muffin and Ree!
Awesome view of MBS. Love the ambience :)
Pleated chiffon magenta from collection 103

Alright that's all! Need to rush off to check in :D
Have a fab new year everyone!


  1. the navvy dres you wore is in which collection? (:

  2. hello jolene, may I know what is the length of the pretty Valentine Ruche Dress and Diane Drape Dress
    you and your sister were wearing? Thanks! :D

  3. Anon- It will be in the next collection, prolly Mon/Tues (:

    Anon- Hi there, we have yet to take the measurements. But it should be around 32"-33" Preview will be up tomorrow(:

  4. Hi there! How is the pricing of the food at overeasy? Is it expensive?

  5. Hi there, it's not (: like the regular fish and co. pricing.

  6. Hey there! :)
    May I know how tall is your friend, Desiree in the Diane Drape Dress? Cos I'm around 170 and am afraid that it might look short on me!

  7. Hi there, Desiree is 171 and it's fine on her (:

  8. Desiree wearing the Diane Drape Dress is available in black? How much will it be priced at? and whats the length? Thanks jolene :D

  9. hey what software do you guys use to make the studio package poster?? its so pretty and simple :)

  10. No black, just 3 colours Navy, Grey and Cool blue.
    It should be priced at $27 (:

    I'm not too sure about the software, photoshop I guess? Lucinda did it (:

  11. Will the Diane Drape Dress be available in black in the future? :)

  12. hey! the burberry polo that ur boyfriend is wearing! issit avilable in burberry stores? where did he get it from? :)


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