We are heading to Bali in 6 days time. It will be my first time there so I hope the weather will be kind to us. I'm really excited for the trip but my only concern is my period isnt here yet. So afraid that it might just come on the 12th and then I'm screwed. Is there any way to 'postpone' it from coming? Oh man.. It will be so depressing to watch them go River rafting, Snorkeling etc without me..

On a happier note, my Saturday was well spent catching up with Elle and Desiree at Mimo. We were 15min from the last order due to the heavy rain and the jam on PIE. Thank god we made it in time for Farmers Breakfast!

The gorgeous interior! It was a great place to spend a quiet and serene afternoon.

With pretty Elle, my poly classmate

From where we were sitting we could see horses trotting around too (:
My embellished white dress will be up on sale tomorrow at Ohvola (:
check out the preview for more details!

Then we drove up to Dempsey Hill for more glorious food!

Love this photo of them!
At Jones The Grocer

Our evening was spent at Amara Hotel for Korean Bbq, Cheng's birthday (:
Desiree in Lace sleeve dress in navy!
Geraldine's too cute! This photo's up as promised heh
Cupcakes for the birthday boy!

Finally a photo with Sean :D
Shall end off the post with a reflection shot of us YAY! More happy days like this please!!


  1. hi!

    you can visit the doctor and let him know that you do not want your period to clash with your trip! He'll give you some pills to "postpone" it but dont take it too often as it will cause irregular periods!

    I take it when I'm going overseas! I hope this helps!

  2. so evil end off the post w me looking like that...

  3. Hi there thanks for the info! I've been stuffing myself with grass jelly& coconut drink. Will visit the doctor if it doesnt come by Wed (:

    Not bad what everyone looks so cute Geraldine looks like anime!

  4. great post! blog moreeee, i love reading your blog :P

  5. where's mimo located at? is there a web for it?

    thx :)

  6. It's at 55 Fairways Drive, off Eng Neo Avenue. Im not too sure if there's a website (:

  7. what camera are you using?


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