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Apart from losing every game of mahjong, 2011 has been good so far. Unfortunately Sean is enlisting in less than a month's time, how depressing. Yeaa I know enlisting into army is inevitable, it's just a matter of time. Sucks to say it's gonna be a lonely Vday for me this year ):

Alright on happier note, Ohvola is launching a new collection tomorrow night!
Many of you asked why BO for this collection takes 2months to arrive instead of the usual 3-4weeks. Reason being, factories will be closed for 1 whole month for CNY.
So yep follow our tweets for latest updates :)

A little sneak peek for tomorrow's launch,

Wore this Toga Ruche Top in white to Town that day.
Available in 5 colours, love it!
Electric blue on Lu (:

Sean and his new hairdo like arty farty ah

Braided Wrap Dress in Navy looking good on Desiree :)
Available in 4 colours

Another of my favourite! Available in 4 colours
(I call it the Barbie dress) haha still deciding on which combi to keep for CNY (:
Close up on the intricate overlapping details at the bust area.

And I wore this Crochet Embossed Chiffon in electric blue to meet the girlfriends.
Available in 6 colours and comes with a complimentary vintage gold buckle belt.

Alright full preview will be up on FB tonight (:
Till then...


  1. may i know where Lu get her white short from?

  2. hey babe! may i ask e measurements of the toga ruched top & Crochet Embossed Chiffon dress? thanks alot!! :)))))

  3. nice collections. i have friends who arent as skinny as u girls but love ur collections. i was thinking maybe you and ur sis can sell cardigans or other ways to match up with ur sleeveless tops or dresses. :) just a kind suggestion.

  4. Hi there, white shorts is from overseas.

    Hi babe measurements will only be up on the launch itself thanks (:

    Hi there, thanks for the feedback!
    We will be launching a blazer in 3 colours, size S/M end of next week just in time for CNY (:

  5. any more preview for colours like how you all usualy post?? cos unable to know what are the colour ava for ur manufacture clothes! btw! keep it up!! with those prettttyy designs!!

  6. Hi dear thanks so much for your kind words! Full preview will be up at tomorrow morning(:

  7. Babe, may I know for the claire chiffon dress, what colours does it comes in? Is the ptp ard 13-17 and length ard 32? I may not be home for the launch so I'm asking a friend to comment for me. Would appreciate if you can help me!Thanks! :)

  8. babe, do you consider to manufacture short in white/black/khaki/navy? looking forward :)

  9. hi, may i ask where does lu get her layering necklace she wore with the electric blue toga? :D

  10. hi there, full preview is up on Ohvola's blog.

    hi babe, yep we will thanks for the feedback!

    hi it should be from f21 (:

  11. Hi can I know that 'barbie dress' u talking about.. The one in pink.. Is that pink true to pic? Or issit just the strong lighting in the studio? It looks soooo sweet (: I'm afraid it'll be pale pink :/

  12. hi babe which salon do u perm ur hair? u look gorgeous btw! :)

  13. This is your blog. Not Ohvola's! You keep talking about the manufactured dresses (which, by the way, I love all of them but because they will only look best on skinny girls, not me :() Talk more about your life!


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