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Mobile Uploads

Random pictures from the phone. Very pleased with iphone4 picture resolution, owns bb big time.

taylor and his 101 positions
not a flower person but here's little bouquet on vday

sean looks more like ncc to me haha

hugeass octopus kite at sk

one of the cny days
balestier's yu tou lu. thumbs up!
fav hangout when he's alone at home
mx's 小四喜
at mok's
with the fav people :)
shopping w the best friend
50baht shades
access-ed's shoot in our studio
Ohvola label, super pretty upcoming piece!!
with Cola girl
Another batch of photos from nong nong ago! NYE count down was done at Wangz Hotel where we had a really tiny room. A totally different room from the one we booked after viewing the week before. No choice, they claimed the sqft was the same, just that the arrangements of the room was different. Big -___-
Well lesson learnt. Cos we planned too last minute and everywhere else was fully booked. Pictures now!
The standard self timer shots. (mx i think you should start making effort loh lol)
With pretty geraldine
The ipad slaves and a joker
And lucinda was still consolidating BO in the hotel
Yes the pathetic space constraint. The friends were really nice, I mass sent before hand to warn them about the tiny room we had. In case they had a heart attack. And when they arrived, they were like 'ok what not very small la'
And so when it was 12am... we popped the champagne!

The next morning to Riders.. The food was so-so. Nothing was really 'must-try' there, kinda overra…

My Vday

So my vday this year was spent with my 2 single ladies @ WINEBOS. 4 hours of HTHT on the couch with the great girlies accompanied with 2 bottles of good wine. It was indeed a great night (:

A toast to more lovely nights like this (: