6 days into CNY, so GongXiFaCai everyone!

And so I just got back from Pulau Tekong for Sean's enlistment. Toured around the island with Sean's family, it wasnt as bad as I thought. These 2 weeks gonna be dreadful for me but I believe I will be able to pull through. At least I've got a date w my bff and muffin on Vday.

Come to think of it, I've been a rather lousy gf. Sean has been wanting to go Hong Kong with me before his enlistment but because of the CNY collections at Ohvola we had to compromise and postpone the trip. He didnt complain abit and yet spent his last few weeks helping out at our office almost everyday. We could only go out for movie dates like once every 2 weeks yet he didnt grumble at all.

Well I hope he is doing fine inside. For someone like him so pampered and served by his mum and Kaka since he was young. Someone who has breakfast sent right onto his room every morning, never touched the dishes or did his laundry. Cant wait to see my botak bf next Friday (:

Overdue peektures now!

Confused Cook - 25 Arab Street

An ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday. The ambience is relaxing, great for families, dates or catch up with the girlfriends. The portion for each main is rather huge, had a really satisfying meal. Affordable price, no gst and service charge, will probably try their brunch another time.

Top 3 recommendations
Ribeye Steak
Lamb Ribs
Teriyaki Chicken

Wasabei Tei - FEP

Another hour to 930pm, will be waiting for Sean's call (:

Ps: Received a call from the supplier, 9 samples have arrived!
I am in need of new clothes, what about you? ;)


  1. Your first wedge in black at the top is from?

  2. Prettyfit as well, I bought both colours nude and black.

  3. WHERE can i get the necklaces that u wore for ohvola shoot?
    besides BKK where can i get it?

  4. The chain is from f21 wisma. you can check out aldo / topshop for similar ones (:

  5. I have to say, it was a smart choice to buy the wedges in both colours. Super pretty. Saw them in stores yesterday!

  6. how about the wedges with the white blazer?

  7. hello babe!! dun mind me asking you..hows e food at confused cooks? will u recommend? thanks alot in advance..btw ohvola launching soon? :))

  8. Hahhaa yea did you get them? (:

    That is from FEP 3rd level.

    Food at Confused cook was pretty good, worth trying! Ohvola will prolly launch next week (:

  9. hi, dun mind me asking, your chanel jumbo is lambskin or caviar?

  10. hey just curious, how old r u ?

  11. Sure my jumbo is caviar!

    Almost 21 (:

  12. Hi! may i know what equipment is provided for your studio package? hardly check my email so hope you dont mind me asking here.

  13. just curious you are working full time for Ohvola now or still studying?

  14. saw your twitter! omg, what balenciaga bag are you getting? i have many of them at home, finally someone who would love balenciaga!

  15. hey babe,

    many post baq, you guys celebrated sean's bdae at hotel berjaya right ?
    how did you manage to sneak everyone up ?

  16. hi anon, you must want to leave your email instead thanks!

    full time doing Ohvola (:

    haha i didnt get it. i ordered a Giant City Grenadine in early jan and they promised it would arrive before CNY but it didnt.

    hi anon, we didnt have to sneak up, they didnt check.


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