Another batch of photos from nong nong ago!
NYE count down was done at Wangz Hotel where we had a really tiny room. A totally different room from the one we booked after viewing the week before. No choice, they claimed the sqft was the same, just that the arrangements of the room was different.
Big -___-

Well lesson learnt. Cos we planned too last minute and everywhere else was fully booked.
Pictures now!

The standard self timer shots. (mx i think you should start making effort loh lol)

With pretty geraldine

The ipad slaves and a joker

And lucinda was still consolidating BO in the hotel

Yes the pathetic space constraint.
The friends were really nice, I mass sent before hand to warn them about the tiny room we had.
In case they had a heart attack. And when they arrived, they were like 'ok what not very small la'

And so when it was 12am... we popped the champagne!

The next morning to Riders..
The food was so-so. Nothing was really 'must-try' there, kinda overrated i must say.

& a couple of photos from CNY

Fondue at my house every year :)

The people who never left the table haha
All the pretty girlies in Ohvola :D

Super cute Taylor!
And everyone else!


  1. the tiff toga top lucinda is wearing is the Lilac shade in the webstore right? Because the colour looks more dull in your blog entry, but looks brighter in the webstore. Which picture is more true to colour?

    Anyway any intentions to manufacture the toga top in other colours? (:

  2. Hi, what is the ,material of your Prada wristlet? Is it nylon or satin?

  3. Hi there I wore the same lilac colour to mbs in the previous entry. Colour is more true to that shade of purple. Might consider doing it in more collies (:

    Hi Amanda it's Nylon (:

  4. what breed is taylor? he's so cute!!!

  5. Hey! May I know if you ordered extras for the tiff toga top in lilac? when will the backorder arrives? (:

    Can't wait for the next launch already! :)


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