Mobile Uploads

Random pictures from the phone.
Very pleased with iphone4 picture resolution, owns bb big time.

taylor and his 101 positions

not a flower person but here's little bouquet on vday

sean looks more like ncc to me haha

hugeass octopus kite at sk

one of the cny days

balestier's yu tou lu. thumbs up!

fav hangout when he's alone at home

mx's 小四喜

at mok's

with the fav people :)

shopping w the best friend

50baht shades

access-ed's shoot in our studio

Ohvola label, super pretty upcoming piece!!

with Cola girl

On vday

and again, featuring overweight taylor


  1. when is ohvola launching? love that dress! will it be in the upcoming collection? :)

  2. What breed is taylor? (:

  3. Yay that's great! The stocks has yet to arrive thou this is just the sample.

    Taylor is supposed to be a mini maltese but I guess we got cheated. He's too big to be mini haha

  4. ohvola long time never launch, when is next launch?

  5. i think taylor appears more than me in your entries, what the hell?
    love ya my dear.


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