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The day we accompanied Mx for his haircut. The day they accompanied me walk up and down Orchard for bracelets. The day we had really good tea at TWG. The day we checked out Frenzie @ Punggol.

Till then..

Lucinda is 23!

Birthday surprises are no longer too much of a surprise anymore, since we do the same for everyone's birthday hahaha. So yea on lu's birthday, before the clock struck 12 the friends gathered at my place.

Getting ready for the 'surprise' From all of us The second best bf (cos Sean's the best hahaha) With everyone yay
See how Charlene crops the mermaid. Dont you think Geraldine and Brenda look alike?

Dinner with the family at Al Dente

And the following day was another failed surprise. I told lu that it was just the 4 of us to the high tea but apparently someone called to tell her 'do you know the high tea only serves cakes?' when we were on our way. lol
Tadah it was Dennis who ruined the surprise hahaha ok la he felt really guilty about it
The hungry 4 who had buffet instead

Good day!
Arghh my cough has been going on for the past 13days. First I lost my voice which I'm perfectly fine with. Then the cough which only comes in the night. I went to bed at 1+ last night but I only got to fall asleep this morning when the sun is out because I cough practically every minute. This is so agonizing. I've already finished the entire bottle of cough syrup but it's still not taking effect. Oh well will prolly see another doctor tomorrow.

On another note, Ohvola will be having a soft launch for our designs this week!

Casual chiffon tank in khaki

Scallop hem top & Pleated skirt

' Manufactured piece - Versatile short sleeve shirt w belt in off-white

Manufactured piece - Flowy long sleeve dress w belt in white
And in navy

Manufactured piece - Crochet front shift dress in black
And in white on me :)

A couple of weeks ago at The Queen & Mangosteen

Seated at the outdoor with nice seaview
Love the ambience

The food was so-so, will only go back for the ambien…