Arghh my cough has been going on for the past 13days. First I lost my voice which I'm perfectly fine with. Then the cough which only comes in the night. I went to bed at 1+ last night but I only got to fall asleep this morning when the sun is out because I cough practically every minute. This is so agonizing. I've already finished the entire bottle of cough syrup but it's still not taking effect. Oh well will prolly see another doctor tomorrow.

On another note, Ohvola will be having a soft launch for our designs this week!

Casual chiffon tank in khaki

Scallop hem top & Pleated skirt

Manufactured piece - Versatile short sleeve shirt w belt in off-white

Manufactured piece - Flowy long sleeve dress w belt in white

And in navy

Manufactured piece - Crochet front shift dress in black

And in white on me :)

A couple of weeks ago at The Queen & Mangosteen

Seated at the outdoor with nice seaview

Love the ambience

The food was so-so, will only go back for the ambience

Shopped till the shops were closed then to Honeymoon Desert.
love shops like this with no gst/service charge

F21 stuff are so cheap now like $20+ - $30+ ? We couldnt resist and got a couple of stuff each

Wore my mom's top out

And on Sean's first bookout he requested to have buffet at Noble House (:
We were the earliest for the first time

Feels good to be the earliest! Dont have to apologise and have time to camwhore haha

Yes it's the same mustard top I wore above hahaha

Soldier boy!

Lu and I bought the tiffany necklace for Charlene for xmas! So glad she likes it :)

Everyone enjoying the soup

Some of the food we ordered

The standard group photo

To Brenda's place for mahjong!

Oh yes it has been confirmed that Cola girl here is pregnant with Coca's baby. Sweet!

Cant wait for coca-colas babies :)
Till then..


  1. hey when will this be launched? :) and what is a soft launch?

  2. hi where you get the same design wedges in nude and black which you and LU is wearing?

  3. she mentioned it before, from prettyfit. :)

  4. did she? er wheres prettyfit located at?

  5. Hello Jolene, may i know how much will u be pricing the casual chiffon tank top and Versatile short sleeve shirt w belt at? Hope it will be price friendly :>

    Just a suggestion, will u consider opening a formspring account? :>

  6. Hi there, thursday 12pm!
    It's a mini opening selection to our Spring Summer '11 Collections :)

    Thanks anon!
    yep I got it from prettyfit, wisma outlet.

  7. Hi anon, the tank will be at ard $19, the versatile shirt at ard $23. I wont be having a formspring account at the moment :)

  8. did you got the wedges long time ago? i like it alot, been trying to find similar ones but no avail :(

  9. can you upload a preview on the ohvola blog before the launch? (:

  10. Hi Jolene, Can I kindly check where did your sister get the necklace which she wore with the pink scallop top & chiffon skirt? Thanks!

  11. Hi jolene, where did ur sister got this pair of wedges from in the picture:

    Thank you! :)

  12. I got the wedges in January. Is it still retailing in stores?

    The necklace is from f21 if i'm not wrong (:

    The wedges is from FEP (:

  13. Hi, where are the places you would recommend to shop and eat in BKK? Any good hotels to stay in? Heading there in April and I realized that you travel to BKK quite often :)

  14. hey how much did you and lu got the tiffanny necklace for? the one charlene is wearing (:


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