Back from Bkk. kinda hate how I always get 1 shade darker whenever I return.
Anws guess what, I got a total of 5 stuff for myself from bkk!
1) Shorts
2) Olivia Ong album
3) Iphone casing
4) Hat
5) Bracelet

Hahaha I think I just broke an all-time low record. Who goes to Bkk and not shop like mad.
Finally it's March! The factories are finally opened. Ive been bumming around too much for the past 2 weeks. Good to hear our designs are coming in bit by bit. Next update would prolly be end of this week? Been waiting for my sister, Lucinda to graduate from her school so that she can work full-time Ohvola too. The workload for Laselle students is so insane. May-June shall be it. Together, we will bring Ohvola to a higher level.

Alright time for pictures!

View from our room

Checking out the new Platinum extension

Heels galore


And the new PPG haha

Tourist shot

Got these as our office slippers

To Mbk to do our nails

Fav night market

As promised Sean!

Grand Diamond's boring breakfast

Shabushi at Central World for the 1hr15min lunch buffet

And that's about it!


  1. hi can i know where's that night market? going to bkk soon and i might want to check it out!


  2. hi dear,

    which airline you took? possible to share how much you spend for the hotel and air ticket?

    and the link for the hotel? :D

  3. hi nicole,

    it's right opposite siam paragon!

  4. we fly via jetstar there was a promo it was about $140? hotel was around $60+ per person per night at grand diamond (:

  5. grand diamond is located near siam paragon area ? or platinum mall (baiyoke sky) area ?

  6. is that a balenciaga bag you are carrying? what model is that? thanks.

  7. Hi jolene where is the night market that u've went? Thanks!:)

  8. Hi Mel, grand diamond is right beside platinum mall.

  9. Anon- that's not a balenciaga.

    Anon- opposite Siam paragon :)

  10. hmmm that what bag is that? its so cute and so travel-friendly when you go for hollies!

  11. Hi Dear,

    Do you have the link for the Grand Diamond hotel, website got a few not sure is which one.

    Btw when will be OV next collection launching?

  12. hello. will be going to bkk soon. and i would wish to know which shopping mall in bkk sells those cute fluffy slipper?

  13. Hi, please help to like this page & share it in your fb!

  14. hi where did you get your same design black and nude wedges from?

  15. hmm the ones you wore in the OV's collection 106.

  16. Can you share which night market is that? :D


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