Lucinda is 23!

Birthday surprises are no longer too much of a surprise anymore, since we do the same for everyone's birthday hahaha. So yea on lu's birthday, before the clock struck 12 the friends gathered at my place.

Getting ready for the 'surprise'
From all of us
The second best bf (cos Sean's the best hahaha)
With everyone yay
See how Charlene crops the mermaid. Dont you think Geraldine and Brenda look alike?

Dinner with the family at Al Dente

And the following day was another failed surprise.
I told lu that it was just the 4 of us to the high tea but apparently someone called to tell her 'do you know the high tea only serves cakes?' when we were on our way. lol

Tadah it was Dennis who ruined the surprise hahaha ok la he felt really guilty about it

The hungry 4 who had buffet instead

Good day!


  1. e font on e photo album is it stickers? whr u bought them?

  2. hello, is ohvola launching the brown top that Lu wore on the 2nd pic? :)

  3. Cut n paste!

    Hi there, not at the moment :)

  4. Hi, where did you buy your wedges you wore in the last few pictures in this post and also in the ohvola shoot? (:

  5. Hi Jolene :) may i know where your sis got her earrings which she wore to Al Dente? Also, will u be launching the shorts which u wore to the hotel?

  6. Does ur sis has her own blog? :)

  7. Hi, where did you get the grey bag that you were carrying with your white top + grey shorts outfit?

  8. M - Prettyfit!

    Hi anon - She got it from f21. Nope got the shorts from Bkk:)

  9. Nope she doesn't have a blog (:

    That belongs to my eldest sister, from Prada.

  10. hi babe,

    may i know the approx height of elevation for the prettyfit wedges? are they comfy to wear for long hours? thank you (:

  11. Hi, May I know where is the place you all went for the high tea?

  12. oh and where you got the sling bag from ? the one you carried to bkk

  13. where did you get your shorts from in the dinner with lu?

  14. where Is the brown khaki top Lucinda's wearing Frm? I like it! :)

  15. Hi, may i know where did lu get her watch from? The black watch which looked like ribbon.

  16. May i know where to get the pumps that Lucinda wears in the last group pic? I have seen ppl wearing it but clueless where to get them.

    Thanks in advance :)

  17. Hi all,

    We went Sheraton Towers for high tea
    The sling bag is from Bkk
    The ribbon watch is from BCBG
    The pumps is from Pazzion :)

  18. Do you have a feedback page for OHVOLA?

  19. hi dear! how is the food and prices like in Al Dente? :) Thinking of going there! And where was the place u had high tea? (both are the post of 20th March )

  20. your sis's bb housing is so pretty! can i ask where did she buy the housing? thanks! (:

  21. No we dont have a feedback page but you can email us at

    I think that's the original bb housing (:


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