The day we accompanied Mx for his haircut.
The day they accompanied me walk up and down Orchard for bracelets.
The day we had really good tea at TWG.
The day we checked out Frenzie @ Punggol.

Till then..


  1. What you got from balenciage? :) You look much prettier with this hairstyle and hair colour!!! :)

  2. Thanks mich! I got a classic bracelet(:

  3. Where did lucinda got her wedges from? :> thanks!

  4. Hello! Show us what bracelets you got! (;
    And, Lucinda has very nice hair, where did she do her haircut/treatment, and what did she do to maintain them? (:
    Hahaha, thanks!

  5. hello, emailed ohvola with my payment details but never receive any verification? been more than 24hours already please check ohvola email!! want to receive my item fast!

  6. Miu miu bracelet too? How much you bought the balenciaga classic bracelet and miu miu bracelet for? :)

  7. Wedge is from FEP!

    Hi Jaye, it's in the new post. She doesnt really have a fixed salon :)

    Hello we might have missed you out! so sorry about it. you should have receive the items by now?

  8. Hello Jolene...
    Is the dress u worn to TWG an upcoming Ohvola piece?

  9. hey, do you have any recommendation for budget hotel at bbk?


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