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Hi all! Came to do a quick entry before moving on the sneak preview for tomorrow's launch.
A fully manufactured collection.*beams* Every piece is so wearable and we are practically keeping every piece. Ok time for pictures!

From the 2d1n Bkk trip with my soldier

We took Thai Airline this time and boy their service is really good, even better than SIA.

Upcoming piece - Crochet Neckline Top in Nude

Then we reached Bkk and realised it was their Songkran Festival. Check out the pickup filled with people with waterguns.
So we bought Macs for dinner and hid in our room cos we didnt want to get wet like how we did in the noon.

The next day.. I wore the same top but in another colour heh Upcoming piece - Crochet Neckline Top in Navy
Black Canyon Coffee's club sandwich never fails
The tiny shop that sells everything

And 1 more to the collection :)

Upcoming piece - Chiffon Empire Dress in Yellow

Saturday after my photoshoot we were invited to San Gu Ma's bday dinner @ …
@ Domani Cafe last week
With my far away friend, ok it's just Bukit Batok but still considered far for me
And with Ree who took half day to meet us. Love her eye make up that day! So mesmerizing

Ree wearing Asymmetric Dress Black, it's on Backorder now :)
Yep she bought this super high wedge
And I got this printed spag from f21 for just $23
Earl Grey Milk Tea w 3J
Miss 爱美不要命

100baht casing

You like her nails?
You can now get it from


Sean's POP
Some performance by the soldiers
Spot Sean hahaha
So sweet :)

Shall end off with an upcoming piece - Fitted Knit Dress, so love the cutting of it. Super comfy!

Alright Im left with 45mins of sleep before I leave for the airport to Bkk with Sean. Flying by Thai Airways for the first time yay! So happy it's finally his block leave! So excited thou it's just gonna be a 2d1n trip. Till then...