Hi all! Came to do a quick entry before moving on the sneak preview for tomorrow's launch.
A fully manufactured collection.*beams* Every piece is so wearable and we are practically keeping every piece. Ok time for pictures!

From the 2d1n Bkk trip with my soldier

We took Thai Airline this time and boy their service is really good, even better than SIA.

Upcoming piece - Crochet Neckline Top in Nude

Then we reached Bkk and realised it was their Songkran Festival. Check out the pickup filled with people with waterguns.

So we bought Macs for dinner and hid in our room cos we didnt want to get wet like how we did in the noon.

The next day.. I wore the same top but in another colour heh
Upcoming piece - Crochet Neckline Top in Navy

Black Canyon Coffee's club sandwich never fails


The tiny shop that sells everything


And 1 more to the collection :)

Upcoming piece - Chiffon Empire Dress in Yellow

Saturday after my photoshoot we were invited to San Gu Ma's bday dinner @ Mokkie's
Wearing this upcoming piece - Layered Chiffon Top in Creme. Very versatile in 5 colours!

We were like woah seriously so grand not!!

There were even live stations with chefs preparing the peking duck and stuff! *faint*

Balloons and Lightings

With San Gu Ma and Auntie Ivy

So I brought the photoshoot pieces for the girls to see and here are what they chose :)
Upcoming piece - Crochet Back Top in Navy

Upcoming piece - Ruche Front Maxi in Navy

Alright till then..


  1. so what did you get frm chanel? oh and your bag looks nice, from where?

  2. Hi dear,

    I've sent an email regarding the defect on the Pleat and Ruche Dress on Sunday. I hope to receive a reply asap. Thank you!

    P.s: I still love Ohvola self-manufactured apparels! :)

    Thank you.

  3. Hi is the thin sash for the Crochet Neckline Top in Navy detachable or non-detachable? :)

  4. hi how much is your balenciaga bracelet? :)

  5. Where u got that mustard bag? its pretty :) Will u bring in for Ohvola?

  6. anon - a chain. the bag is from city plaza.

    hi mel thanks for your kind words! but we havent received your email, do mail us @ ohvola@gmail.com again.

    anon - hi there, yep it is detachable sash (:

  7. i got it for $290 (:

    the bag belongs to lucinda. we wont be bringing it in for Ohvola, you can get it from FEP (:

  8. Hi you mentioned in one of your post there's this 'favourite night market' in bkk, can i know which night market is it? Cause i'm heading there soon need some advice on places to shop!! Thanks :D

  9. hi where did you get your black wedges from? :)

  10. Will u be bringing in the shorts matched with the white chiffon top? And also from launch pictures, the beige shorts matched with black chiffon top?

  11. the brown wedges featured in the latest ohvola preview is from prettyfit as well? (:

  12. Hi dear,

    sorry to bother you, may i know how much you got the chanel necklace that is featured in the latest collection preview pictures? it's gorgeous! (you as well) hehe.

    thank you x

  13. Hi babe, the photo w the 3 guys posing w the food.. the girl right behind on the left in green.. is she Sisi Mok?

  14. Hi, may i know the cost/name of your bkk flight and hotel? interested to plan a 2d1n as well! many thanks!!

  15. Anon1 - It's opposite Siam Paragon.

    Anon2 - Got it online :)

    Anon3 - Nope, wont be bringing them in.

  16. Ariana - Hello there, i got it from bkk airport for $300+. Thankq!

    Anon - Yep that's Sisi.

    Wanyan - Hi if i didnt rmb wrongly, Thai Airways for $389? Grand Diamond for $50/night? Rates do vary thou.

  17. Hi!
    Did u get all your chanel stuff from Thailand's airport?
    If not where did u get it from?
    Thanks :D

  18. Hi, can you share with us where is that tiny bkk shop?
    Thanks! :)


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